10 Silly Mistakes Event Organisers Should Avoid

May 06, 2016

Organising an event is way more difficult and complicated than most people think. There are a lot of issues to cover like tasking to organisation committees, preparing FAQ's or keeping your employee trained. Most of the issues are simple but important matters and not covering them would really be called as "Silly Mistakes".

As organiser(s), you need to think very detailed and you need to empathise with your possible participants, sponsors, speakers and event owners. You need to pre-think what they may need, what they may want or ask and act on time. But to be able to do that, there are certain paths and behaviour patterns you need to follow. If you don't, you probably will have a "blown-in-your-hands" event and if you make the mistakes that I will mention below, you are out of the business – for good.

  1. Not Setting a Course for Your Event
  2. Before your event, you need to set a course about all your plans and actions. You need to find an answer to these questions "When? Who? How? What?!" to all your actions and plans. When are the event bags going to be produced? Which speakers will attend, which theme will be chosen, where will the conference be? What are we going to do when …… (fill here with an ordinary problem or appropriate word) happens?

  3. No Distribution of Roles to Organising Committees
  4. In order to organise a successful event, your team needs to be united, okay. But if you neglect the organisation committee, that could turn out to be a bad, very bad thing. Because there are certain things scientific committee needs to do, certain things you need to do and certain things organising committee needs to do. That is as simple as 2×2=4.

  5. No On-site Training or Job Definition to Employees and Volunteers
  6. This is a Work-life 101 fact that every job needs training. This training is sometimes College and above, sometimes a seminar or a simple speeded course. It really doesn't matter how long or what kind of training it is, one does not simply start to do a job before getting trained or have the job description. If you would not provide training and job description to your employees or temporary workers, this would be a huge mistake, but literally huge. You can just flush down your event.

  7. Internet Capacity and Speed is Not Enough
  8. This is a disastrous one. Imagine participating at an event that you are provided with internet, but you just can not connect and when you finally get connected, it is as slow as a turtle. Good luck getting another job at the event management business.

  9. Not Preparing FAQ's
  10. People ask. A lot. They can ask even the smallest and the most non-related matters. If you did not hire an army for the registration desk and/or customer support, there is a small chance for you to catch up all questions and demands. This is where you understand you should have done a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Part for your event. But you didn't. Well done, genius. 6. Not Enough Event-Directing Activities Before the EventDid you use social media efficiently? Did you define who your target audiences are? Did you share your event's web page (which is very easy to design without any codes or technical knowledge with MeetingHand by the way, you can design and print out badges too:) ) at where you think/know your possible participants are? Nevermind.

  11. Not Creating an Operation File
  12. Your team had one job. One single job and they didn't even pull that off? I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. You need to have an operation file that contains things like numbers of the team members, emergency contacts, number of the supplier, number of the IT Guy of your team, participant lists, inventory lists, information of your pre or post-event tours, dinners and etc. Or you and your team will get lost into the chaos along with your participants.

  13. Not Writing or Not Sharing the Report After the Event
  14. Your team needs to write a report about the event (you too) and share it. If they don't, then how would you know what went wrong, what you need to work on and improve, what should not be changed? Reports are good, stick with the reports.

  15. Failing to Satisfy the Expectations
  16. Because you created the wrong perception. I'm going to say this once: DO NOT MAKE ANY PROMISES YOU CAN NOT KEEP. This is not only important for event management, but also important for life. If you think about your future in the event management business, then you should never even attempt to do this. This is a short-cut way to finish your event management business.

  17. Choosing the Cheaper but Under-qualified
  18. I know there is a saying that every seller has their buyer. But if you want to play with the "Big Boys", you need to think and act big. So don't do this, don't choose the under-qualified product or service just because it is cheaper. Remember what Henry Ford said; "I am not rich enough to buy cheap."

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Posted by Erkan OGULGANMIS

Erkan OGULGANMIS Graduated from Army War College, completed MA degree in Ankara University on Global & Regional Studies, studies law in Istanbul University. Works in MEETINGHAND Online Solutions Co. as Business Development & Sales Manager.