7 Useful Venue Sourcing Software For Event Planners

Dec 12, 2016

Effective venue sourcing is a critical issue and the key for the success of your events. With so many things to consider the selection process can sometimes be a daunting activity. But no need to worry about it. Because, there are many digital solutions supporting this process, even though some planners are skeptic about them. Below you may find a brief list of some useful venue management tools and some thoughts about them. Hope it helps..!

Function Tracker

Function Tracker provides all of the features that you have come to expect from much more expensive Event and Venue Management programs, with the added benefits of an online system. Their simple and intuitive interface and logical catering management pages, make booking and managing business a breeze, for even the most inexperienced computer user. Function Tracker has been designed to be a simple and easy to use tool for any venue that takes event or function bookings. Unlike other systems, it is simple to set up.


Skedda is an online booking system for anything 'space' based such as meeting rooms, co-working spaces, studios, courts, halls and more. It is specifically for managing 'space' and suits anywhere that are looking for an easier and effective way to manage their 'space', whether it is for internal use by staff or hired out to the public. By using Skedda you can manage and show availability, take online payments, provide a frictionless booking process for your users, control your venue from anywhere, customise your venue setup, login with existing social accounts easily.


InviteBIG help venues and event organisers collaborate online to book and manage events in real-time. For venues they offer a full suite of venue management software to help them handle event bookings, customer relationships, sales & reporting, and inventory on-the-fly. For event organisers, they provide a marketplace to book events at venues in real-time with accuracy, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. They also offer most companies with multiple venues a discount.


Gigabased Booking App is a web-based solution customised for event companies, coordinators, performers, event managers and agencies. GigBase streamlines the brokering of live event services with 1-click office documents and CRM contact manager. The app coordinates and communicates between all of your players, talent, staff, venues and vendors.

Planning Pod

Planning Pod is worth mentioning first since it was created specifically for planning an event. Users have the ability to manage multiple events within the application, including keeping track of contracts, proposals, finances and invoices. Planning Pod is tablet friendly and it allows invoices to be split into multiple payments with pre-scheduled email reminders to clients. It has also client and lead tracking capability.


Priava is a cloud-based venue management software company that specialises in delivering venue and event management solutions using the SaaS (Software-as-a service) business model to a wide portfolio of niche markets in the venue and events sector. Priava's purpose built enterprise venue and event management booking system incorporates all the complexities involved with multi-venue availability, including event logistics, catering, equipment and resource requirements. Offered in the cloud as a service, Priava enables venue managers to chart and plan future venue availability and review both customer history and ongoing operational trends in real time.


iSmart Space is a web based venue and booking management software solution for businesses of all sizes. Its capabilities include workflow automation, online booking, task management, and others.The software offers online booking and management of spaces, venues, and rooms, saving time and cost by the elimination of manual processing. It automates the repetitive tasks and enhances profitability. Available venues and spaces can be searched from the online database and workflows can be created to cut the admin time.

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