17 Event Apps Every Event Planner Needs

Jun 14, 2016

Event planning can be stressful. While you're wading through endless checklists and last-minute mishaps, it can be hard to make sure you're on track. Don't worry, each event app on this list can seriously help you out! We've put together a list of 17 apps that every event planner needs to stay afloat.

MeetingHand Mobile Apps:

Actually, MeetingHand is an Online Event Management Software but it has a quite user friendly mobile app included into the package. By using MeetingHandMobile App, you may post your event or your participants utilise their event agenda. You may also deliver your announcements to your participants pocket immediately or your participants access to responsive participant interface on mobile device for bookings, etc.

The good thing about this app is, you may allow your participants to contribute event and socialize among themselves. Such as: voting for presentations, apply teatime surveys, get instant feedback and update event owners, post participants lists for sessions in participants' agenda or give your participants the possibility of communicating with each other from MeetingHand mobile app.


Keek is a video version of Twitter, a short video messaging service. It is designed for recording and sharing video status updates of up to 36 seconds, which you record by looking into your phone's camera and talking or doing whatever you want. Like many other mobile video networks. Keek users can follow each other and comment on material posted on It has a lot of Twitter-like features, such as @mentions in comments that people leave on video updates.Keek is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.


You have some cool ideas and a great team ready to get busy, but delegation and execution can be tough. Think of this Evernote as your mobile filing event app; organize your venue research notes, coordinate travel itineraries, and quickly share notes with members of your team. Sync this app across multiple devices to ensure that no man (or file) is left behind.


As you start using Mindly, you start organizing your inner universe of thoughts. This can be a very rewarding experience. The feeling of relief after you realize that all those things that "you need to remember" are there, in one place and you can go back any time and recall what is important.

If you have ever written a longer article, remember how hard it is to organize so that end result is easy to read and follow? This is because our minds are not linear. Our thinking follows a non-linear pattern where things pop into our minds and one thing leads to another.

Mindly uses a natural way to organize your thoughts. Instead of trying to change your way of thinking, Mindly helps you think the way you think. You just take one concept, write down related things, then you place attention to another concept and repeat the process. Simple.


This is the best time management app I've ever used!!! You can send your list to others, like employees / children with expected time commitments so that everyone is on the same page of time requirements. It looks like an info graphic chart in list form– I really like that for visual read without looking like a upgraded kindergarten chore list. There is so very much to list about this app. Very detail oriented without getting you lost in the details of making your list. User friendly. Syncs with phone and iPad through cloud. Each task as well as entire list is on timer countdown as you work the task. List separators within the list. I particularly like this feature to have a slight categorization/grouping without it confusing the issue. Really, my list can go on and on but I've got work to do I'v had the app for awhile but I had been teetering between other apps that I had previously downloaded. Hands-on comparisons. This is truly the simplest and the best for helping you to get the job done. Others I used seemed to be about the bells an whistles of the app which are cool but not so much as in helping to get the job done this app is simple enough to keep the perspective on what needs to get done instead of how you're looking in getting it done. This one keeps you in task with everything you need to go from one task to the next. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! GREAT Job!!!

Scanner Pro 7

So useful, literally a scanner in your pocket all the time!!! I almost never use my desktop scanner anymore, multiple pages…no problem! Photos, business cards, custom size…sorted!

Easy to use, you can scan anything, anywhere! No more copying details from posters when you're out and about, just scan and go!!! Email it to anyone in seconds, save as images, there's just not space to list them everything this app can do!

Best scanner app out there in my opinion, and I've tried lots, but this is the one I have kept for years, and every time I've upgraded my iPhone and ALWAYS use! It saves all your documents in an easily navigated format and I've never lost anything even in transfer to new phone!

Every update has just made this app better and better and better!

Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

Love the app. My family uses it for our grocery list among other things. I'd love to see a feature that can sort alphabetically the completed to-do list section. For example with our grocery list. Let's say we put milk, bread, steak, peas, and 20 other things. I check those off while I place the items in my cart. Then when I run out instead of typing it in again I go through the completed list and resurrect that item again. After several months our food shopping completed to-do list pretty much has every single thing we've ever bought on it. It's also nice to look at the completed to-do list for a reminder like, "oh yeah, forgot to add that to the active list." So…in my very long winded way of saying, it would be great to alphabetically sorry the completed to-do list. I'm sure many others do what I do too. Thanks for your time.


I've been using 1Password for my MacBook, Mac mini, PC laptop and PC desktop for a while and I'm really enjoy using it.

First, for a service like this, which stores your "secrets", the security is the most important concern. I really like the fact that they have nothing of user's data and they have no way to access to the data. They encrypt the data locally on your computer so when you sync these data via iCloud or Dropbox, no one can steal it even when iCloud and Dropbox are hacked. Since the data are encrypted before it was sent to the Internet for syncing, only you can decrypt it with your master password, which is known "only" by you. AgileBits has no way to recover or open your 1Password if you forget your master password because they simply don't know. Nice!

As for the design and user experience, I am totally satisfied. It is really easy to use and convenient. The browser extension is really useful and it really saves you lots of time and brain cells. The visual design of this app is simple and clean.

Overall, this is one of the best apps that I have bought. I paid it for the iOS, Mac and PC versions and I really think it's worth every penny. I strongly recommend this app.

iTranslate Voice

When it comes to translating the spoken word, iTranslate is the app you need. It's like Siri, if Siri could speak 42 different languages. All you do is speak what you want into the device – it then repeats it in English and translates it to the foreign language of your choice. It's great for learning a different language, but could really save your skin in a difficult situation where you need to communicate with somebody.

Super Planner

The new "Super Planner" iPhone app, developed by veteran event producer Howard Givner, offers a range of tools designed for the event professional including calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection and dance floors, along with time-tested suggestions. The catering feature calculates the number of hors d'oeuvre and drinks needed for various types of events, including the number of drinks per bottle for wine, champagne and liquor. The table grid feature lists the linen sizes needed for each table size and shows how many guests can fit at each table.


We love it. My group of pals are spread across the country and are in our late 30s and early 40s. We stay in touch almost exclusively thru Heytell (in chipmunk voices). We all wish that a setting could be enabled so that we could capture and keep our favorite heytells of each other to save or send to others. It may be a privacy issue, but surely it can be made to be adjusted so that the message creator can allow his or her messages to be shared by others.


I've been a long-time user of DropBox and have no plans whatsoever of giving up this tool. I first used it for smaller, personal storage, but last year upgraded to the 1TB plan to include business storage. My partner and I co-run the business, so DropBox is a perfect answer for collaborative storage, allowing us to access all the same files across multiple devices and locations. I can't imagine a system without it now! I "selective sync" only the folders I need readily available to my desktop so as not to take up too much space on my computer. I regularly also use the mobile app as well.


I've been searching around for a while to find a calendar that meets my high standards for digital organization. This app definitely meets a lot of those needs in an easy, aesthetically pleasing manner. I love the design, the functionality, the integration with iOS calendar, the tasks and notes sections, the in app navigation, texting, calling, etc, and the widgets. This definitely keeps me organized and let's me spend less time figuring out the digital scheduling and more time doing the things I need to.

Fantastical 2

I have now used this calendar for a short while and am pleased I found this one. I can enter "lunch with mom Thursday at noon" and the calendar app does the rest. I do not have to enter a date or time. So I have to say "Wow." I don't care for the display but the calendar does everything I need a calendar to do: quickly schedule an appointment, send the appointment on to others (and myself as a reminder to put it in my hard copy calendar), utilize my contacts within the calendar, bring up a map for an appointment I am on the way to, carry over reminders, and all without clutter to distract from the purpose of the calendar. I don't want emoticons or cute colors, merely a functional calendar. A plus is the ability of the app to show the current date number on the app icon itself.


This was everything I wanted in an app and more. Gets the job done in a simple, fun and productive way. Would recommend it for individuals and families, small teams and also larger companies. I use it for my personal expenses and work reimbursement expenses (and I travel and get reimbursed a lot) and it works phenomenal for both. Just say yes and download it already.

Fuze Meetings for iPhone

Attend meetings for free (no registration required) or login with your account to host meetings with anyone, anywhere! Multi-party HD video conferencing right from your phone with up to 12 video feeds. Crystal clear audio conferencing directly on your phone or use our Dial-in/Call Me feature and Fuze will call your phone. Powerful content sharing with support for PowerPoint with animations, Word documents, PDFs, movies and high resolution images. Start a meeting with just one click or join from your phone's calendar. Controls to mute and unmute all or select participants and make attendees presenters so they can share or annotate content. Use in-meeting chat and integrated IM to communicate during your meeting. Access and share the photos or videos from your phone's camera library. Record and store your meetings in your Fuze storage locker for sharing later.

Events XD

EventsXD is the free application that makes attending conferences a breeze.EventsXD allows you to view and search for conference sessions by name, speaker, tracks, time slot, and keyword. EventsXD also provides access to other valuable conference resources, such as maps, floor plans, news feeds, and conference web pages. EventXD's push notifications can alert you to late breaking conference or schedule changes. Once a conference catalog is downloaded, the information is stored locally on the device, allowing EventsXD to help you plan your session attendance even when network access is not available. EventsXD also allows users to mark favorite sessions, plan attendance, and rate attended sessions. Each conference is branded differently to portray it's unique look and feel.

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