7 Deadly Participant Types at Events

May 16, 2016

As event organisers, we come across with lots of people. Some we really feel glad to work with or/and serve, some we really feel like running away and never looking back. Even though we want to run away sometimes, as a part of our job we MUST smile, be kind and get the work done. And that rule applies for everyone. So we do not choose a participant type to serve. We try our best to make our jobs as perfect as possible.

People are different. There are lots of types of them. Some you actually enjoy their company, but unfortunately some you don't. And by "some", I meant plenty. While we come across with so few people we like, we sadly come across with way too many people we dislike.Since participants are people too, there are also many different participant types. After years of training, gaining experience with blood, sweat and tears, we present you (based on true stories) A Participant Type Paradox of an Event Owner; 7 Participant Types at Events:

Participant Type 1: The Why-So-Serious One

This participant type is generally reckless. Loves to chat and more chat and is usually pretty hard for organisers. Because Why-So-Serious type of participants may keep you busy but it won't be about your job. They will make jokes about literally EVERYTHING. You may feel over-whelmed with their jokes and care-free behaviour. But these people are really nice at their heart.

Difficulty Level: 6/10

Participant Type 2: The Panic-Attack

The Panic-Attack participant type makes you question life, in a deep way. You may feel like you are drowning while dealing with them. You may need fresh air and deep breaths. If you see someone who is running around at the event venue and has no idea what to do, this is The Panic-Attack one. They come to registration desk at least 25 times during a 3-day-event. But you always know that their intensions are good. They are just a little distracted.

Difficulty Level: 7/10

Participant Type 3: The Chronic Unpleasant

This type of participants are one the hardest participant type to deal with. They may dislike pretty much anything and everything. Imagine the "Grumpy Cat". From the colour of your shirt to the venue of the event, they may complain about even the smallest and biggest details. They are usually perfectionists or maybe not. Nobody knows…

Difficulty Level: 9/10

Participant Type 4: The Mr. Know It All

Another hard one; Mr. Know It All a.k.a. Mr. Smart Pants. Knows your own business better than you. Corrects you at every chance but not in a positive way. Thinks (and also acts) he is the owner of the bloody universe. Takes your years of education and hard work, throws it away with one single non-sense sentence. Behind that registration desk or at the other line of the phone, you keep smiling and saying "You are right, sir" even though you want to throw the phone at his face in that very moment.

Difficulty Level: 10/10

Participant Type 5: The Overly Excited

This participant type is excited about everything. Little excitement is good, we like it. You may like it. But too much of it? No, thanks. If you see someone who is looking around with shiny eyes, going through their participant kit and saying "Whoa" to any item came out of participant kit, congrats. You have found your overly excited participant.

Difficulty Level: 7/10

Participant Type 6: The Freeloader

Tries to join all of the activities without paying. Tries to have access to lecture halls. Wants to have a free lunch without paying. Asks for another pair of participant kits. Definitely asks for a discount on registration fees and etc. The freeloader participant type is not easy to deal with. There is a P chance of you to get in trouble because of the freeloader.

Difficulty Level: 8/10

Participant Type 7: The Tourist

The tourist will ask you about the tours before they ask you about lectures and halls. Recognizable from a mile; shorts and a souvenir-from-somewhere-around-the-world t-shirt in summer, a hanging bag around the shoulder, comfortable and sporty shoes. Sometimes they have this "I have no idea what I'm doing here" look on their faces. The best thing about this participant type is, they would not care that much if their poster presentation spot is taken by someone else. But they would be devastated if a river tour is cancelled.

Difficulty Level: 5/10

Do you think there are more? Comment below to let the world know!

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Posted by Erkan OGULGANMIS

Erkan OGULGANMIS Graduated from Army War College, completed MA degree in Ankara University on Global & Regional Studies, studies law in Istanbul University. Works in MEETINGHAND Online Solutions Co. as Business Development & Sales Manager.