7 Reasons To Work With Social Media Influencers For Events

Feb 20, 2017

We all hear a lot about how consumers trust friends and family recommendations when deciding what products to buy over branded messaging. That truth has become also important for events. Influencers play a growing and important role in word-of-mouth marketing in the event industry. More and more event marketers are engaging them for campaigns nowadays.

Because partnering with an influencer can be a cost effective form of high-quality content with built-in distribution. It is highly measurable and can be targeted to very specific audiences to capture high-quality leads and engagement. That's why I wanted to talk about the reasons, why we work or why we should work with influencers at events today. Here are the reasons;

The personal touch

There are no big-name marketing companies behind the words these influencers use to post about events. Their words are authentic, typed and posted originally by them, usually from their homes after actually attending one of your events in the past. Whatever they share in social media, it will sound completely human and real, so, trustworthy for others who couldn't make a decision yet.

People trust them

Influencers are normal people like us. They aren't millionaire celebrities or part of the royal family. People follow them for honest and real reviews of products, and genuinely trust the influencer's opinion. They're part of a community together, and that network is built on trust. So, instead of artificial ads, employing social media influencers will bring a stronger trust effect for your marketing campaign.

No hidden agendas

They don't deal with an editor or "red tape." They write what they want when they want— that is both powerful and empowering. Because, people are aware of many marketing tricks, so they try to reach information sources who has no interest-based relation with the product. That's why it's important to have neutral social media influencers. Otherwise, if your potential participants realize that, some people are sharing fake messages on social media, your event marketing campaign badly collapses.

Truly powerful paid content much more than just an ad

No flashy $3 million commercial spots or blinkard-you'll-miss-it banner ads. Even when paying for content, social media influencers post only about events they attend, making the ad more impactful than nearly anything else you can buy. And the residual SEO value can't be beaten. This makes the message, reliable and trustworthy and maybe the target audience finds some similarities between themselves and the other people who share their experiences on social media. Actually, the power of social media influencing definitely lies here.

No politics – No tricks

No bosses mean that no one else is controlling content. Nobody with a secret agenda is telling them what they need to write about your events; these truly transparent conversations are happening already. This is really important because people believe that, such social media sharing is not something manipulated for marketing purposes. That's another reason to trust those messages shared and be convinced to attend your future event.

Target marketing made easier

Engaging with bloggers allows event planners to market their events to specific audiences that will be more apt to connect with their events. It's just smart. Because, it helps drive traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads, establish authority and drives long-term results. So, when we talk about social media influencers, blog writers should also be remembered.

Cost Effective

Creating a profile on one of the hundreds of social media sites costs absolutely nothing. Compare it to a running ad in a magazine or a commercial slot on television and you've got yourself a good deal. No production costs! Moreover, social media can help you reach an unlimited number of clients – from all over the globe. Once you've developed a presence on the social media sites of your choice, the potential for reaching prospective clients is unlimited. Just be there and allow your participants to share their experiences and ideas. That's it..!

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Posted by Erkan OGULGANMIS

Erkan OGULGANMIS Graduated from Army War College, completed MA degree in Ankara University on Global & Regional Studies, studies law in Istanbul University. Works in MEETINGHAND Online Solutions Co. as Business Development & Sales Manager.