Curiosity Kills the Cat, Not The Event People

Curiosity Kills the Cat, Not The Event People

People take long rides or make miles of flights in order to attend events like congresses, conferences and so on. At that point, we have to question what makes them leave their homes. Is it only for self-improvement or for gaining network? Are notable academicians really enough to make people attend to an event? Well, I guess these are all good reasons but after achieving their aims, the desire and interest to explore the city is the most attractive part of the events. That's why almost all organisations schedule a free day for their attendants and I can suggest some good ways for them to spend that day.


Every city has it's own history, so, what about learning it. Alternatives like historical buildings, caves, museums and many of them are waiting to be discovered by strangers. Wear your sneakers, take a map, go out, walk the streets and see the historical and natural beauties of that beautiful city! If you're planning to attend an event in Washington DC, you could take some time of and visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. If you ever stop by in Jordan, and if you're a fan on Indiana Jones you could take a break and stop by Petra, where the film was shot at. Visiting St. Paul's Cathedral in London, where Princess Diana got married, could be another option or Montmartre in Paris would be a fantastic venue to spend a day near famous Moulin Rouge.


You left your home to see that city but your family and your friends are stayed waiting for their presents impatiently. Don't show up empty-handed. Drop by the malls and bazaars; bring gifts to your loved ones and souvenirs to you. If you choose to stroll around in the beautiful streets of London, you can visit the flea market that has been set up near the river Thames. If you choose to attend an event in Istanbul, you can go to the Grand Bazaar that is the largest bazaar you could come across or Old Arbat Street in Moscow where you can find street artist and buy many fantastic art products.


Who can say no to a tasty local food and don't even get me started on traditional ones! Even you travel to neighbouring cities, you can taste the foods you've never tried before that belongs to that region. So, go out and order some food. Many countries have their own cuisines or popular street food. Try all of them. Thailand would be an extremely interesting location to visit and if you're ever around the country you could taste the infamous street food. Paris is also another great option and on the plus side you could eat escargot – doesn't look appealing but the taste is worth trying.

Going out

After a long day of learning, everyone deserves a place to amuse themselves. Learn what local residents do for fun. Listening to music or having drinks can be some good ways to hang out and maybe chilling with the other participants. Who says conferences is a place that you can't make new friends. Dubai may not seem like the top location to 'party' but the vibrant nightlife is something not to miss. If you're ever around the location, there are many destinations you could choose to go out and enjoy. You never know, maybe a boat tour on Danube at the moon light with live music and a perfect dinner in Budapest may leave more colourful memories than your event.