Dear Abby Post No.1

Dear Abby Post No.1

Hi Guys!

Hello, hi. I'm getting lots of messages and e-mails asking event-related and sometimes not-event-related questions. I don't have time to answer all, I mean if I could, I definitely would! But since the day is 24 hours and I really love to work + sleep, I can only answer a few of them. So, I decided that I can answer your questions here! God I'm so clever, I love myself!

Okay, the process goes like this; me and my team (by "my team" I mean one of my beloved colleagues), we are going to choose two of your questions as frequently as possible and I'll try to answer them as far as I can. The trick is; you can only ask event-related questions. Also, you MUST be funny. Okay, I'm joking, you can hit me with the serious ones too. As quirky (in a good way) and funny as I am, I can also be serious too.

PS: We are not going to give real names, real places or real events, we are changing the names of them all. Just to – you know, protect the privacy.

Today, we have chosen questions from Ahsha(32), USA and Darren(27), Ireland. Hi guys!

"Dear Abby,

We decided to organise a social fundraising event. As you may easily guess, we do not have enough budget to employ staff as many as we need. So, we decided to fill the gap with volunteers. But we really have no idea how to motivate people to be a volunteer in our event. So, could you please give us a piece of advice about that? Ahsha, CA, USA"

Hi Ahsha,

Thank you for writing to our Dear Abby section. Volunteers are usually tough, but no worries, we can make it work! There are couple of ways you can go with actually. First, you need to serve your subject (your cause of the fundraiser) very clear and as interesting as possible. You need to build a case. If you are okay with middle-aged people as volunteers, you can always target housewives, retired men, women and etc. But if your target volunteer type is younger people, you can colour your fundraiser, add some attraction with the lowest prices possible. Also, you can provide a platform for your young volunteers to express themselves. This could motivate them. And don't forget to remind them their resume and how good this volunteering would look on their resume. These are the motivations I could come up with right now, if there would be anything else, I will get in touch honey. Good luck!

"Dear Abby,

I want to see around the congress city when I am on duty (as a part of the organising company) but I don't exactly know how. I mean, where do I start? Should use the weekend and return to my hometown one day late? How do you think I can enjoy the most out of that experience? Darren, Cork, Ireland"

Hi Darren,

I like the way you think, your head works just like mine. And thank you for writing to Dear Abby by the way. Business is business but why not turn it into a pleasurable experience? Although my answers will definitely depend on your own taste and likes, I believe you can adapt my advices to your own situation and likes. Okay, here we go then.

Firstly, based on my experiences, the best way to get to know a city is getting lost in it. Just walk, you don't have to know where you are going. Walk through the streets, parks, sit in a café, order a coffee for example (that's what I love – coffee). If you could not make it back to your hotel – or wherever you are staying – you can always ask local people for help. Buy some little – not expensive – souvenirs for yourself, so when you go back home, you can always cherish those moments with your souvenirs.

If you have a chance to stay there for one more day and you really are curious about that city, of course stay there for one more day and spend that day at outside. One thing to be careful about though, do whatever you want but come home at least one day before starting to work. Because you are going to need a "me-time" for yourself; to rest, to sleep, to be lazy and stuff like that. Good luck sugarpie!

Everything has an end!

This was it for today! I will be answering your Dear Abby questions a lot more in the future with a slight change; please send your abby questions to