How to Design An Attractive Stand?

How to Design An Attractive Stand?

For some event types, having a stand is almost an absolute must, since the basic characteristics of those events are based on mainly exhibiting something. Therefore, visual design and attracting visitors' attention, welcoming, demo techniques or promotional item delivery becomes an inseparable part of those event types. However, just having an ordinary stand is not enough for a commercial accomplishment alone. You need to pay a special attention to the way how your stand looks and how you treat your visitors there.

Here are some basic principles for having an attractive stand;

For Having a Distinct Stand

Your stand acts like your display window, because the way your stand looks is the first thing that would cause your visitors to get an idea about your company or your product. So, it's always a necessity to create an appearance that will attract the attention of visitors and convince them to pay a visit instead of passing by. Here are some thoughts about creating an attractive stand;

  • Create a Neat and Professional Stand

Having a neat and professional ambience has always guarantees a baseline for the perception of quality in the eyes of your visitors and helps a lot to convince them for visiting your stand. So, always keep in mind that, branding and furnishing your stand matters. A strong brand makes it clear to both you and your customer what you have to offer and why that matters to them.

Using devices like giant monitors, virtual reality headsets or some other latest gadgets as a part of your presentation may also help you to create a dynamic and hi-tech look. A simulator can also be quite eye-catching. Eventually, this may end up with a small crowd in front of your stand.

  • Make An Immediate Impact

Since exhibition halls are usually vast areas and exhibitors try to catch the attention of visitors, your stand needs to make an immediate impact within seconds. There are some principles you need to consider for attracting attention of visitors, such as;

  • Your location in the exhibition hall needs to be carefully considered,
  • You should think about what elements you want visitors to see from different directions of approach,
  • Show them something creative in your stand, which would attract their attention,
  • Put some attractive objects on a higher level and don't forget that, higher elements will not only get your customer's attention from farther away, it will also draw their eyes away from your competitors stand,
  • Make sure you think carefully about how to maximize your space.

For Having an Effective Engagement

  • Give a Warm Welcome & Introduction

After attracting the visitors attention to your stand, welcoming and informing them about your business is the keystone. It is not the only, but also the very limited time that you can engage them to you. In order to have a warm welcoming, try to follow the principles below;

  • Welcome the visitor with a broad smile to have a friendly communication channel,
  • Introduce yourself and your position in the company for orienting visitor to the situation,
  • Allow your your visitor to tell about himself/herself to give your visitor a feeling that (s)he is respected in your stand,
  • Exchange business cards to have a chance to make another contact again,
  • Offer a seat and some tasteful appetizers or refreshments if you have in your stand to make your visitor feel comfortable and ready to listen.
  • Make a Brief, Precise and Focus Presentation

Usually, every stand owner has a lot to say to their visitors but the visitors do not have enough time to listen all or they just do not care. So, for an effective and fruitful interview, the presenters need to follow some principles, such as;

  • Try to give a strong message, that can be digested in 15 seconds or less, which will make your display much more effective
  • Keep your message clear, concise and to the point, don't go for details
  • Leave the details for your printed literature or your website
  • Keep in mind that, no one reads lots of detailed texts at an exhibition, they'd rather read that on their ways back to home,
  • Don't let it be a monolog and allow your visitor to ask questions or express their ideas, if you want to receive some feedback


If your visitors leave your stand content with what they've learned, you may be sure that, they will remember you. But whatever said in your stand mostly stands in your stand. So, give them something which reminds you and your product again. Usually, brochures are most preferred items among those reminders but most of them go to trash bin before the visitors leave exhibition hall. Actually, visitors prefer to keep those items, that they find useful, such as a beer opener or a coffee mug. So, it seems that, the best way for to be remembered is giving some handy items other than brochures. Even very small items make visitors quite happy sometimes.

But, anyway, don't forget to say your visitor how much you've appreciated their visit and how much you wish to keep in touch.