Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did you know that there are a lot of different facts and figures about events you would come across when you search for "different and strange"?

Seven billion people on the world, 510,072,000 km^2 space, almost 205 countries and there are hundreds, thousands of different behaviour patterns, habits, traditions and rituals. I picked out what got me interested most…

Did You Know These Interesting Facts?

  • In 2008 the Super Bowl got 27 Tweets per Second.
  • Rebekah Rousi hosted the longest PowerPoint ever in 2007. Prepared for more than 3 years, it went on for three and a half days.
  • The "Event Planner" is the 6th most stressful job of 2012 after airline pilot, firefighter and policeman.

Did You Know These Event Rates?

  • It is being planned 1.8 million conferences a year in the United States. That's 150,000 per month or 4,931 per day.
  • Top 4 industries meeting & event planners can be found are; Business Labor & Political Organisations 13%, Hotels & Motels 10%, Colleges & Universities and Professional Schools 6%, Grantmaking & Giving Services 3%.

Did You Know How Social Media Is Used?

  • 78% of respondents to this survey said that Social Media is an important marketing tool for their event.

Did You Know These Unusual Events?

  • SlutWalks have become one of the most successful feminist series of events. This movement was sparkled by a Toronto Police officer's public comment.
  • Every year 30,000 people assemble in the streets of Bunyol, Spain to participate in the largest tomato fight in the world. 125,000 kg of tomatoes are brought into the city via truck.
  • The official site for Burning Man describes the event as "a city in the desert dedicated to radical self reliance, radical self-expression and art." Even that description cannot do Burning Man justice, however; there is just too much going on. Basically 50,000+ people swarm to the middle-of-no-where, Nevada and build a temporary city that they call Black Rock City.
  • Oktoberfest, the celebration of beer, is the biggest festival in the world with over 6 million people attending annually. Reportedly over 6 million litres of beer are consumed within the beer gardens there.
  • High Times magazine hosts the Cannabis Cup at Amsterdam annually to celebrate the wonders of marijuana as well as the legalisation movement.