Is Your Event Management Software One of The Most Affordable One Too?

Is Your Event Management Software One of The Most Affordable One Too?

Capterra, the famous software rating & review web site, conducted a research about event management software recently. According to their research design, existing event management software in the market were evaluated under three categories; "The Most Popular, The Most Affordable and The Most User-Friendly". Guess what MeetingHand Online Event Management Software, the sponsor of this blog site, scored 92 out of 100 during this test and became 9th in The 20 Most Affordable Event Management Software List of Capterra.

What does this research mean?

Capterra is one of the most well-known software rating & review web site all around the world that helps buyers find, evaluate, and select enterprise software. You may browse or search over 200 software categories by function or industry. So, if Capterra says something, it definitely resonates around the software circles. That's why Capterra's evaluation results always mean a lot to consumers and producers and so does the latest event management software evaluation conducted in April 2017.During abovementioned evaluation, Capterra classified existing event management software under three categories as "The Most Popular, The Most Affordable and The Most User-Friendly". According to Capterra's research design, The Most Affordable Event Management Software list was achieved by testing all existing event management software in Capterra's scope with a standart scenario given below and measuring the results of determined criteria.

The test scenario

Capterra compared products using a common set of 11 features listed and the pricing scenario given below. In Capterra's ranking, they calculated cost based on features offered, the total spend for implementation, and usage over a two year period. You may also apply this scenario for your existing event management software and see where your software fall into. Moreover, this test may help you to measure if your solution is a cost effective one or not.The scenario: ABC company is looking for their first event management solution. They host 5 in-person events per year with an average of 500 attendees per event, and the average ticket price is $20. They are looking to use the system for at least two years and need as many of the features listed above as possible and as many of the following implementation, training, and support resources as possible (mobile responsive, iOS and Android Apps, CRM integration, API, social media integration, calendar integration, training videos and documents, free demo, email/help desk support, FAQ/knowledge base access).

The standard, expected features are:

  • Event scheduling
  • Contact management
  • Registration management
  • Attendee management
  • Social media promotion
  • Email outreach
  • Budget management
  • Payment processing
  • Exhibit/vendor management
  • Ticketing
  • Analytics/reports

Of course this list is not all inclusive of the event software options available, Capterra says, adding that their reports were only to help those who are seeking best event management software solution in the market.Sure, it's important to do your own research and find the best solution for your needs, but this research has also a strong meaning as well.

How MeetingHand were rated in this research?

MeetingHand Online Event Management Software scored 92 out of 100 during this test and became 9th in The 20 Most Affordable Event Management Software List which is a huge and remarkable achievement for a startup company who has joined the market only a year ago. This research has really been a fantastic indicator for MeetingHand Company showing that their business model versus their services provided were decided in a highly realistic way at the very beginning and event planners who chose to continue with MeetingHand feels more comfortable now for they made the correct decision.

Here are the results of MeetingHand Online Event Management Software;


In their official blog page Capterra says that "The past decade has brought many new technological advancements, from increased event presence on social media to the rise of interactive technology such as RFID, beacons, and wearable technology. Today's event managers must determine which efforts will best boost the awareness of and attendance at their events.

Event managers are increasingly turning to event management software to help them succeed in their complex quest. However, there may not yet be widespread understanding of the ROI that event management software can provide. Indeed, when we surveyed over 400 potential event management software users, 28% of respondents said that they didn't buy event management software sooner because they felt they couldn't justify the expense.

"These are really important points which need to be read carefully while analyzing the market and customer behavior. Putting aside the commercials and widespread common belief about some trade marks, Capterra's research can be said that, it has been an eye opener for event planners who were seeking the best solution at minimum cost for their requirements.

Capterra says that no matter your budget, you too can reap the benefits of event management software. If price is holding you back from trying out your first event management software, or you're simply looking for the most cost-effective solutions, let our Top 20 Most Affordable Event Management Software report help guide you to greener (event) pastures.

MeetingHand Online Event Management Software is proud to be in Capterra's List and happy to serve its customers as an affordable solution. Ones again, thanks to Capterra Team members for this great job.