Event Planner’s Dilemma: Indoor or Outdoor ?

Event Planner’s Dilemma: Indoor or Outdoor ?

When it comes to the right location for your event, only you and your client know what's best. Sometimes, the best location for your event is indoors, sometimes outdoors. But both options has pros and cons for sure. Balancing attendees' satisfaction with planning and maintaining difficulties of event services determine event planners' decision. So, what are those pros and cons affecting our decision making about venue selection. Let's have a look..!

Indoor Event Pros

No worry about the weather

WeatherOne of the biggest pros to an indoor event is that there is no stress or worry over unpredictable weather. This is actually a significant advantage compared to an outdoor event for you are in a controlled environment. Thus, weather is not really a factor at all, unless it is so bad that it keeps guests from arriving event venue. But weather at an outdoor event can be such a huge worry that indoor events are often chosen because of this reduced risk factor alone. There is no need to fret and check the forecast twelve times a day because unless there is a blizzard or hurricane on the way, rain or snow is not an issue. This way, you can concentrate on other aspects of planning for your event freely.

An indoor event also allows you to crank up the air conditioning when guests are dancing or networking, and you also have the ability to turn up the heat if the venue is too chilly. Regardless of your situation, an indoor venue allows you to control the temperature during the event.

Flexible Decor Option

You have a lot of freedom and flexibility when decorating an indoor venue. The only things you have to worry about indoors are fire hazards and code violations. But on the other hand, there are little to no restrictions that would inhibit you from decorating your indoor venue just the way you want. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the toppled down decors by the wind and or flies and bees attacking served food on the table.

Power Supply & Illumination

power supplyIf you organise an event indoor you don't need to worry about power sources and plugs or illumination. They are ready to use and installed on the walls or ceilings. What you need to do is just plug and play your devices or turn on the lights. So, you don't need to spare extra budget for power generators or illumination systems when you organise an event indoors.

Indoor Event Cons

Limited Space

All indoor venues have a maximum capacity due to fire codes and other safety restrictions. Although this number might vary depending on the style of your event, it's important to know the maximum before touring a venue. Depending on the size of your event, this may not be an issue.


Most indoor venues try to address logistical issues for larger events such as corporate functions, but there are many older, charming buildings with personality and style that simply don't have a convenient parking, delivery ramps, docks, etc. This can prove challenging for vendors trying to load in equipment and décor for your events. If you and your client really want the space to work, you and the vendors will need to determine if the logistics are workable there.

Higher Demand in Winter

It can be difficult to find an indoor venue during the colder months of the year, especially during the holiday season. Given the freezing temperatures outside in much of the countries in winter time, indoor spaces are usually at a premium and harder to come by if you put off booking them in advance. I suggest booking a venue at from six to nine months out just to play it safe, especially if you are booking during peak indoor venue months.

Outdoor Events Pros


Outdoor events come equipped with stunning views and great ambiance. When the weather is nice, most guests are excited to enjoy the festivities outdoors. The natural beauty and scenery allow you to lighten up on the overall décor and avoid using pipe and drape, wall décor, etc.

Natural light

Natural light is a photographers dream, and if you are hosting the event throughout the day, you'll get the full spectrum of afternoon sun followed by sunset and night-time. Not to mention, spending time in natural light outside is generally always preferable to spending that time indoors with false lighting.


Most venues have options of holding your event outdoors and indoors with an area outside for guests to enjoy the weather providing seating or space for high top tables and an area inside for guests who prefer the air conditioning.

The price

Many public outdoor spaces are free for use, making it a very budget friendly venue. If you are looking at hosting your party at a park for example, be sure to get in touch with your council to ensure you're not breaking any of the city rules on the day with entertainment or food and drinks in the area.

Outdoor Event Cons


Most outdoor venues have an accessible bathroom in the vicinity, but some facilities may be quite some distance from the party. While this may not be an issue for every guest, it could impact some people. We suggest finding out which restrooms are the most accessible and if you need to rent a portable restroom.


Outdoor events start as a blank canvas, which means additional rentals costs will be added to the mix including items like chairs, tables, tents, etc. Make note that rental and décor costs can add up quick!

The Weather

One thing that I want to press upon my readers is that, unfortunately, no one can predict the weather. An outside wedding is always a gamble no matter what time of year you are having an event. I recommend having a backup plan, like making sure the venue offers indoor space in case the weather strikes or having a large tent, heaters, fans, etc.