Generation Y

Generation Y

Who is Generation Y? They often called as Echo Boomers or Millenniums. Being highly sophisticated, knowing too much about technology, growing out of the line with the traditional marketing and sales pitches are the main characteristics of those kids because those were newly rising at their early childhood, so it is not wrong to say that they have been exposed and seen it all.

But what do they do, how do they act when it comes to event business?

Born: 1977-1994

Coming of Age: 1998-2006

Age in 2004: 10 to 22

Current Population: 71 million

Half of the Gen Y working class a.k.a workers, are thinking to quit their jobs in two years. Not receiving enough importance on leadership skills development and possible leadership opportunities subjects are effective on "working" gen y kids' this decision. Generation Y prefers companies that focuses on "human" and shares the same values as themselves. All of the facts here are for event business but is valid for almost every business sector.

Convenient Conditions for Generation Y

The "Generation Y" poll Deloitte executed at 2015 with 7700 workers from 29 countries showed that the companies are faced with a threat of losing most of their work-force if they cannot meet with the factors that foster Generation Y's loyalty.

Work – private life balance, flexible working hours, differences or similarities between employee and the employer are the few of the criterias of Generation Y.

A Modest Life

According to the research, counter intuitive, Generation Y do not get impressed over a popular job or an employer, they are pretty traditional. Their personal goals do not include being famous, being a celebrity on social media or gathering a wild wealth. Generation Y wants to have his/her own house, wants to have a spouse to share their life together; but in order to provide themselves a comfortable post-retirement life, they are seeking for financial security. Additionally, they array the positive contribution to the world and the company they work for at the top of their goals list.

Reason Matters

generation y reasonIf a company has an "existence reason", it's employers feel more loyal of the company: Worldwide, almost half of the members of generation Y who are highly satisfied with the company they work for and half of them who are not thinking to leave the company for five years, states that their employee has a powerful existence reason.

Generation Y Workers Are Unhappy With Their Leadership Improvements

Parallel to global results, generation y's two thirds majority of Turkey edition of workers state that their leadership skills do not exactly develop.

Focused on Productivity

Globally working Generation Y Workers ask for more time on innovative work methods, developing these methods and seeking for mentor guidance.

Generation Y Has The Expectation of Flexibility

More than half of the Generation Y workers globally, prefer to work from home or from the places they can be more productive. However, very few states that they are able to do this.