How Do I Get More People To Register For My Event?

How Do I Get More People To Register For My Event?

Reaching higher registration rates is everybody's dream. But the path is full of obstacles. Yet there are some well-tried solutions which could be kept in mind during the planning phase of an event. The following suggestions are a compilation from different sources. I hope it helps.

For increasing registrations, you should provide a detailed description of your event

Give potential participants detailed information about your event to get more sign ups. The longer the event description, the greater the number of registrations. Having a longer description for your event will give potential participants a better idea of what the event is about and shows them you're serious about organizing a great event.

If you wish to maximize registrations, you should hold your events on Monday

What is the best day of the week to hold your event? According to some researchers, events held on Monday get the most registrations while those held on Saturday get the least. The most events are held on Saturday, whereas the least events are held on Monday. This makes Monday a less competitive day to have your event and decreases the chance you'll have a conflict with another event your potential participants are interested in attending.

Keep in mind that Mid-week events have more no-shows

Events held in the middle of the week have the lowest percentage of registered participants actually show up to the event. During the middle of the week, participants are most likely to be busy with work, and thus might skip out on your event. For Saturday events, despite having the lowest registrations, they have the highest turnout. People can usually plan their weekends, so it is less likely something unexpected will come up.

Don't forget, smaller events have fewer no-shows compared to bigger ones

The smaller an event, the better the chance people will actually show up for it. With small events, people who register for your event feel an obligation to show up, or at least cancel their registration to let the event organizer know they aren't coming. But as the event gets bigger, a participant will think, "I'm just one person, it won't make a difference if I don't show up", which leads to an overall lower rate of attendance.

Charge for events to increase attendance

If you want to make sure people who register for your event actually show up, charge money for your event. Obviously, if people prepay for your event, they are more likely to show up then if it is a free or at the door event. But it's been found that even events that just collect money at the door have a higher attendance rate than free events. When someone registers to a paid event, they tend to be more serious about attending than a free event as they are demonstrating they value your event enough to pay for it.

Prepaid events have the best turnout

According to statistics, prepaid events have the highest actual attendance rate. This means if you want to maximize the number of people who actually attend your event, you should hold a prepaid event. Because, if you organize an event in which people book first and paid at onsite, they may change their minds at the last minute easily and cancel their bookings.