Event Website: How To Make One With 6 Easy Steps

Event Website: How To Make One With 6 Easy Steps

Event website is one of the most powerful marketing tools at event industry. The higher qualified web page you have, the more you can be able to reach to your target audience, raise the attendance to your event and as a result, you can achieve a higher income. Lets examine how a proper event website should be without all the boring technical details.

Event website's technical details are very hard to learn and apply as a subject but it is easier to focus on the content and design when you don't have to write any codes (check MeetingHand for that by the way!). For years, people tried to learn how to make a proper website. After the technology have advanced, we started to use websites for almost anything you can imagine. So, that brings us to our subject: how to make a good, focused-on-purpose and interesting website for an event? Here are the some highlights that may help you through the process…

Updated, True and Clear Content in Your Event Website

There is no difference between lying to participants or giving wrong information. Because web page is a bridge that brings you the participants. Unclear information will also cause question marks on participants' mind and those question marks can even prevent the participant to go to the payment page. Also, web page should be answering most of the questions that could come to participants' minds in a very simple way. There must not be broken links at the web page, since it creates a negligence perception on participants.

Correct Design For Your Event Website

In this day and time, there are various websites which are quite interactive with users with very different designs. But there is no need for those "hard" designs when it comes to event web pages. At this point, your target audience is very important, for example if you are organising an event which targets 50 year-old people, you can make concessions from design and have a very simple, user-friendly web page. But if you are organising an entertaining event which targets 20 year-old people, then you need to have a jet-propelled (moving), interesting design and a vibrant color harmony. No matter what kind of a design you decide to go with, the unchanging rule is simplicity and the subject of user experience along with that. It is useful not to ignore people's habitual web page preferences.

Event Website's Responsive Design

At our present day, mobile platform support is an absolute feature when it comes to design a web page. The content inside the web page (texts or visuals) should be sensitive for the users having access from mobile platforms. That would cause the users having access from mobile platforms to spend more time at your page and display the content with the most efficient way.

Event Website's Accessibility

Even if you have foreseen participation ratings very high, when your target audience is not reached and informed, it does not matter how true you organise an event. "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) and "Social Media", two of the internet's most efficient marketing methods, are getting involved at this point. Your event's web page needs to be SEO compatible so that people who are searching about your event's subject will naturally see your page. This is the easiest and the most natural way for you to meet with your target audience, to let them hear and know about you. At the social media field, with some technical adjustments, using the right images and texts for preview would be a simple but a true method.

Event Website's Speed

Researches show us that users are not that patient on-line. A very slow system creates the sense of "under-qualified" or a site will be closed after a few seconds thoughtlessly, if it doesn't open instantly. You can measure your website's speed here.

Security of Your Event Website

Cyber security's importance increasing every minute because more and more datas are carried online every minute. If you are gathering information that needs very high protection like personal information or credit card information from your participants on your events, then you are obligated to provide security and protect those information. So it is very important from the security point of view of the form pages that, with your usage of "Secure Socket Layer" Certificate, your data will be transferred crypted on background. Also, having an SSL Certificate makes your visitors feel secure with the green lock visual on the address bar of your browser.


Event type is the determinant on event web pages. The purpose here is to simplify possible participants' job. A visitor who finds what they looking for in a short time, will shop happy.Do not forget; customers will be happy at a truly organised event page and as a result, there will be more sales. Is there anything you believe that can help? Comment below!