How To Increase Attendees' Loyalty In Event Business

How To Increase Attendees'  Loyalty In Event Business

While there's nothing wrong with working hard to grow your attendees, it's also important to remember the value behind customer retention and brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is one of the most difficult assets for an event business to attain. But how do you turn a fickle attendee into a faithful follower? You start by understanding the needs and motivations that drive their purchase decisions and then you deploy the strategies and tactics that deliver the most value. Don't you?

Here are some of those tactics you could employ in your business;

- Make your customers feel special

Keep track of important dates such as birthdays and other important dates regarding your customers and use them to create a personal relationship with customers. For instance, sending a customer a personalized card on their birthday or on the anniversary of their first purchase or other business transaction sends a clear message that you value their relationship to your company.

- Share your event attendees' thoughts and feelings in your company's social media accounts

One great way to keep your attendees loyal to your brand is to constantly improve it. Instead of just going by the numbers, or your gut, try figuring out what your attendees want next. Create a poll with a few of the ideas you've been thinking about and send it out via your blog, social media accounts or email.

Always leave room for your attendees to make suggestions that you didn't list and always offer some kind of incentive for participating in the poll. Even if it's just a chance to win something small like a gift or access to special offer, it will make a huge difference in the number of people who actually participate.

If you end up making a change or update based on your attendees' feedback, give them credit for coming up with the idea. Announce it through all of your marketing channels, and send them something to show your appreciation.

- Give some privileges to your regular attendees

If some of your attendees are actively and openly engaging with your events regularly, they're the best possible people to give the full experience. If you have a special occasion in some of your events you may invite your loyal attendees to them for free. If you have some sort of premium service in your events, you may give it to them for free. The actual cost to you will be minuscule compared with the impact those attendees will have on their friends, family, colleagues, and social followers.

- Be there when your attendees need you

As a rule of thumb, your attendees should spend the least amount of time possible trying to use your services, so they can spend the majority of their time enjoying it. This includes auto-billing, automatic orders, refills, and reminders. All of those little things make it easier for users to enjoy what they're paying for. So try to use automatic systems like online event management software providing attendees a private interface where they can purchase their tickets or the services you provided freely. They may also arrange their personal agendas, download their documents such as name tags, visa letters or invoices. MeetingHand as an online event management software is a good example for this type of service.

Another convenience can be an online support system which will support your attendees whenever they are in trouble or experiencing a problem. If attendees are able to talk to some real people on a support line and receive meaningful support that will also show its affect in terms of customer loyalty soon.

- Solve the problems of your attendees

Go beyond your actual event services and give your attendees something that makes their life easier on a regular basis. Understand your attendees, figure out what would make their life easier and build it. When you can pull this off right, you make your attendees rely on you for more than just your event services and that makes you almost irreplaceable.

- Always make quality your number one priority

If you believe that you have the best event services and you keep making it better, definitely you're going to have your loyal attendees. But if you pair that with any of the above strategies, you'll be close to unstoppable. People love to feel like they have the best thing, no matter what that thing it is, and they'll do way more than talk about it if they really feel like it's the best.

If you want to build your event business on loyal attendees and brand evangelists, you have to do something more than the mass consumer expects. Like any other asset, brand loyalty isn't free. But like anything good in life or event business, it's worth working for.

Whether that means making an effort to put your attendees in the limelight or offering extreme convenience is up to you. Just make sure you're doing something that makes you hard to replace and impossible to forget.