How To Prepare a Win-Win Agreement For The Right Sponsor ?

How To Prepare a Win-Win Agreement For The Right Sponsor ?

An essential prerequisite for a promising and eventually successful sponsorship proposal is to step into the shoes of the potential sponsor and offer some benefits that will make the proposal irresistible, which means a win-win agreement. In order to achieve this, many parameters need to be taken into consideration with a primary focus on the actual needs of the company the sponsor is representing. Here's a checklist for event organisers covering proven activities that will help secure a win-win agreement with the right business sponsor.

Depending on the size of the event, the variety and the amount of sponsorship benefits can differ. Generally, they have to be cleverly selected so as to match the sponsors' expressed and unexpressed wishes and expectations. By creating a list of offers that show that the sponsors' name and brand image have been taken into account and have not been dealt in standardised way, the event planner increases the chances for getting the desired sponsorship. Simultaneously, it is important that the nature of the event matches the nature of the sponsors' company and interests.There are many categories in which sponsorship benefits can be categorised in terms of content and in terms of value.In terms of content some major categories include:

Naming Rights

The event planner clarifies what kind of naming rights the sponsor can get. This means that a sponsor may have the possibility to give the name of the company to the event or to a physical section of the area where the event takes place. Naming rights can also be defined in terms of time. The sponsor may have the possibility to name the event, a physical section of the area where the event takes place or a part of the event (e.g. a workshop or an exhibition during a festival) for the whole duration of the event, for a day, for half a day or for other pre-defined periods of time. There is the possibility for naming rights on the webpage where the event is presented.


Along with or separate from the naming rights, in the list of offers, the offer of placing the sponsor logo, trademark or other images can appear. Event signage is also an option. The places where the signage can appear are various and should be defined from the start. There can be perimeter signage and signage that appears inside the venue, on items and on clothing.


Involvement of the sponsor in the organisation of the event means that the sponsor becomes a co-partner with the event organiser and co-decides with him/her. Responsibility for decisions on issues such as time, venue, programme, ticket pricing, timing and more have to be strategically expressed in the sponsorship proposal.MerchandisingThe possibility for the sponsor to make available the products or the services of the company to the audience of the event gives the chance to the sponsor to immediately reach the desired target audience. By offering to the sponsor the benefit of product sampling, display or demonstration, an event planner can make the odds favourable towards the event.


The website of the event, press releases, and media contacts can promote the sponsor. Also the sponsor can be included in all the promotional activities that the event will carry out. Additionally, the event can declare its support towards a specific cause that the sponsoring company is supporting or even donate an amount of the ticket revenue to the cause. Celebrity benefitsIn case of famous celebrities or very important people, the sponsor can be given the benefit of getting introduced to them. This is mostly relevant when a company wants to create contacts with people from the industry the event is representing. Also, the sponsor can be allowed to provide their 'celebrity' for the event if this leads to the enhancement of the sponsor and event associations and fit.

Staff Benefits

The event planner can create a list of offers for the staff of the company that could sponsor the event. Such benefits include tickets and invitations, introduction to the 'celebrities' of the event, discounts, merchandising or even allow them to participate in the show in a way.

Visitor Benefits

Hospitality is another benefit that can be added in the list. It can be offered in the form of tickets, reservations, special seating and special services, VIP treatment, accommodation, discounts, tickets or early access to tickets for a later exclusive event.


The list of benefits that can be offered can be exhaustive. Access to the event databases, other ways of advertising, coupons, contest and provision of equipment or space are only few of the miscellaneous things that can be added to it.With countless options to choose from, an event planner can and should make the best out of it presenting a sponsorship proposal that is efficient and relevant.


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