IMEX 2016: First Public Appearance of MeetingHand

IMEX 2016: First Public Appearance of MeetingHand

MeetingHand Online Event Management Software had its first public appearance recently in IMEX in Frankfurt, one of the biggest worldwide exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events of this year.The distinguished IMEX visitors and appointees paid visits to MeetingHand Stand throughout event period and had a chance to be familiar with the software. The MeetingHand IMEX Team interprets this intense attention as an expectation for a different approach and a solution in the market.

The comprehensive perspective of MeetingHand, allows event organisers plan and organise almost all dimensions of their events, so, they can save time and money. While many visitors complaining about their web page design costs, MeetingHand's user-friendly web page design capability, which requires no technical background inspired a positive interest.

Registration feature was appreciated by visitors, with its flexible registry opportunities, allowing customisation of registry according to participant types or registry period besides allowing collective registry.

Travel services, like hotel bookings and transfers constitute a remarkable place in event business. Many visitors asked various questions to MeetingHand Team about it. Hotel booking feature of MeetingHand allowing users engage hotels and sell rooms in the system got credit from visitors and appointees.

Visitors paid attention to secure and reliable payment options provided by MeetingHand allowing planners to use either worldwide secure digital payment systems or private bank accounts as virtual gateway.

Many event organisers who organise scientific events, visiting MeetingHand stand expressed almost a unique issue which is collecting abstracts and submissions then printing an event book. MeetingHand with its scientific package provides a sophisticated abstract collecting and evaluating system besides a publishing module. Publishing module also allows users to design their participant badges and certificates in many different templates.

As a result, all the visitors and appointees got a positive idea about MeetingHand in IMEX. As MeetingHand Company provides a free trial account for IMEX customers who wishes to test the software, many of them stated that, their company will execute a technical test as soon as they return their offices.