2020 has quickly gone from a promising year for the events industry into one of the most damaging, and the estimated recovery period has already shifted back several times. Event professionals, along with the rest of the world, are trying to make the best of widespread lockdowns while eagerly anticipating the resumption of normal activities.

The most challenging aspect is that nobody really knows.

In these difficult times, as
MeetingHand Online Event Management Software, we wanted to support event organizers and event planners. So, we improved our software by providing an alternative solution which will enable event organizers integrate a virtual event tool into MeetingHand so that, they could organize virtual events easily during Coronavirus pandemic or whenever they need it later on.

That's why we launched a virtual event interface recently.

How does MeetingHand Virtual Event module works?

Actually, there are many online conference tools that, you can integrate into MeetingHand such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Easymeeting etc. What you need to do is just to create your online conference sessions in one of those online conference tools first. After creating your links, you can easily integrate them into MeetingHand or you can add Youtube video links for each session separately for any specific date and time, so that your participants can watch a video.

Your participants will then easily see those links in their account pages or even in your event app. When they click the link, they will join those online conference sessions when they start or start watching the YouTube videos you uploaded.

Create your event and start collecting registrations

If you wish to organize a virtual event by using MeetingHand, that's easy!

What you need to do is just to create your virtual event in MeetingHand like any event you organized in the past and create your event website, collect registrations, add workshops or collect abstracts if it's an academic event. You can also add speakers, create your event program or assign reviewers if you need to evaluate the abstracts you are collecting. Of course, you will be collecting registration fees online if it's a paid event. The usual procedures are almost same and there's no difference at all.

Create online conference or video links in a conference tool

As you know, web conferencing software allows participants to conduct or attend meetings via the internet. This is also known as online meeting software or sometimes simply video conferencing itself. It enables remote meetings based on VoIP, online video, instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing. There are many online conference tools in the market and the good news is some of them offer their service for free up to a certain number of attendees or for a definite time span. But you can always purchase a package that will meet your requirements on a reasonable price. Besides, paid packages offer additional services such as cloud recording, one to one meetings etc.

What you need to do is just to pick one and create online meeting links according to your event program. Some tools also provide meeting IDs and passwords as well. You should keep those login credentials with the generated links and share them with your attendees before online conferences start.

What should you do in MeetingHand environment?

When you created your event in MeetingHand, you will see the "
Virtual Meeting" option at the bottom of the left side menu. Once it's clicked, you will get a new screen where you can add your online conference links and the relevant details about the added online sessions. Please see the image below.


What information you need to add for online conference links?

You can add as many online conference links as you wish by repeating the same steps in MeetingHand. In each step, you will be asked to add following details;

  • Title: Title of the session
  • Description: a brief description of the online conference session
  • Livestream URL: The link you created in your online conference tool
  • Recorded Video URL: The YouTube video link you wish to play
  • Date: The date of the session
  • Start Time: The start time of the session
  • Notification Setting: You can send two notifications to your participants 24 hours and 30 minutes prior to the start time of the session by email if this setting is activated.
  • Access Limit:You can limit or allow your participants to access online conference sessions according to their registration types.


What should participants do to access your online sessions?

That's easy! They just need to login their participant account in MeetingHand and find the online conference links under "Online Events" section. So, they can click the link and attend the online session easily. Same applies for the videos uploaded. When your participants start "Watch Now" button, the videos will immediately start to play as an iframe within MeetingHand page. So, your participants do not need to leave their account pages.


How does online conference works in MeetingHand event app?

When it comes to mobile app, it's easier.First you need to activate your event app and ask your participants to download it to your mobile devices. Then, your participants will see those online conference links in their account page when they logged in. If clicked, they will both be able to attend the online conference session or watch the videos uploaded.


Now it's time to start an online conference?

Actually, we understand that an online conference cannot give the same taste of a physical event but as the whole event industry feels the dire straits of Coronavirus pandemic deeply these days, online conferencing can be a valuable solution for those who seek alternatives.As MeetingHand Online Event management Software, we are always here to support event organizers and planners. In case you decide to organize an online event please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is ready to assist you from start to the end.