Mothers: The Great Event Managers of Our Lives

May 06, 2016

Let's consider life as an event. Who plans and manage at least the first quarter of it? Our moms right? Some might add "dads" as well but we all know that, it's always mothers who manage this event. Dads only finance it or maybe act as a decision maker. Have you ever thought what would your life look like without your mom? They are our homes' event managers and they make our life easier and happier.

How Do Our Moms Manage Our Lives Like an Event?

  1. Time Planning:They arrange schedule of a house and decide when to wake up, what time to eat, when to go to bed. They plan each minute of our lives even we do not obey the schedule.Accommodation and
  2. Housekeeping: They clean the house, put clean towels in bathroom, fill the empty liquid soap containers, wash the laundry and tidy up kids' rooms. When you feel hungry at night room service for the kids.
  3. Catering:Shopping in the market, cooking according to number of participants, arrange tables, do the dishes, serve drinks.
  4. Transport and Transfers: Leave the kids to school and take them back in the afternoon.
  5. Social Activities: Arrange birthday parties and picnics, take kids to cinema.
  6. Scientific Activities: Help kids' homework.
  7. Communication and tasking: Call the kids in every two hours and check if they are okay. Task them to clean their rooms, leave dirty laundry into laundry basket, task dady to move the lawn.
  8. Payments & Invoice: All these services provided by your mom costs you nothing and it's all free. This is the unique event, all we participate and pay nothing but only show how much we love them. You will get your invoice on your cheek by the way.

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