Problems of Visitor Attractions as Event Venues

Problems of Visitor Attractions as Event Venues

Conference and event organisers are increasingly choosing venues that impress delegates and guests such as visitor attractions. As such, event venues are increasingly marketing themselves not only on their cultural/entertainment value, but also their conference and event facilities.Today, there is a wide variety of event venues supplying such facilities. But on the other hand, there are problems faced by event venues in relation to supplying these facilities. Here are some of them;

Dual Purpose Functioning

The principle concern is that of visitor attractions dual purpose, which means, functioning as a visitor attraction by day, while offering conference and event facilities by night. There are some researches showing that, in some instances, there is a requirement to transform the venue even in under two hours for preparing.

Physical Movement Restrictions

Often parking is not available; parking that is available is for cars only, and as such at many venues, there is limited space for lorries to arrive in order to deliver equipment. So, additional problems are concerned with the logistics of moving the required equipment into and around a venue; this includes vehicular access, distribution of equipment over multiple floors, electrical and water supply, as well as catering facilities.

Lack of Some Facilities

Also, provision of both ample electrical sockets and sufficient electrical supply for operating the required equipment are essential. The same applies to the provision of potable water, in particular to catering facilities; however, due to the venues original function, catering facilities may not be present, and these will need to be supplied. Visitor attractions may lack technical facilities, as conferences and events are not their core business. Technical facilities are not seen as a priority in comparison to a purpose-built conference venue, which would pride itself with all the latest technical facilities.

Lack of Accommodation

Furthermore, visitor attractions lack the provision of overnight accommodation so they always require accommodation facilities around themselves. While some events were organised in some hotels and handle this problem easily, many of them unable to provide any accommodation for the participants. This requires participants to book at different hotels around event venue and shuttle in between two spots.

Uniqueness of Event Venue

Finally, the uniqueness that attracts delegates may also create issues of diminishing returns, where delegates do not return on an annual basis as the original conference or event has reduced the uniqueness of the venue. As such, organisers seek new venues with their own unique characteristics. This is why it is important for the venue to continually update/improve its conference product to gain repeat visitation.

Lack of Trained Staff

Usually, visitor attractions lack trained staff for event organisations or even if they have, the number of them are not sufficient. Event organisers usually need to employ some extra staff from some other sources if they wish to organise an event in such a place.