Relations With Participants: 5 Rules

Relations With Participants: 5 Rules

As event organisers, you work a lot to make an event successful. But have you ever think about what makes your participants happy? Or how to handle the relations with participants? Based on our experiences, we defined 5 general ground rules for you.

Sometimes, people can be impressed over a single word or a smile maybe. From the participant point of view, how should relations with participants be?

Relations With Participants

Rule No.1: Smile

No matter what you do, do not stop smiling. It means that you are confident with your work (yourself too) and you are positive. Smiling is one of the most important things in relations with participants.

Rule No.2: Grace and Kindness

Even at your angriest moment, do not stop being kind to anyone. Because kindness is a key that opens almost every door. Also, grace is the best possible way to stop people treating you in a negative way. Being kind is not only the key to everyone but also a great deal for relations with participants.

Rule No.3: Generosity

If you count every paper, every pen you giveaway to your participants, this would give the impression that you are (as the company) stingy. Nobody wants to be remembered like this and this impression may even block your way to possible events in the future. So, if you do not want to be known as "that company", try not to mind this subject within your boundaries.

Rule No.4: Distantiation

By this, I meant "not being a cavalier person". It is simple, mind your own business. Don't ask before they tell. It is important not to make your participants feel uncomfortable and ruin all relations with participants.

Rule No.5: Relevancy

Be interested in what they will say, what they want. Number one rule of relations with participants: Be relevant. When one of the participants kindly asked for something, do not make it in a cursory way. Because it is rude. You know, very rude.