10 Smart Questions to Ask When Organising an Event

Jul 15, 2016

Event organisation is a tough work, everybody knows that. Did you know that in the past few years, "event planner" as an occupation was selected as the 6th most stressful job at US? Well, it is not just US, it is just as stressful at everywhere. But with a few smart questions, you are able to manage all your complicated issues and have a smooth event.When organising an event, you need to ask yourself some smart questions. Your timing should be as smart as your questions. Not too early or not too late. In this way, you can be able to organise the whole thing without an error or with slight roughnesses.

Why am I organising this event?

There is always a reason. Reason for you, reason for participants. If you were to ask 100 participants why they are attending to a specific event, you will get at least 10 different answers. As for you, you should be clear about your own reason(s). When your reasons are precise, you should definitely consider a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) over them.Also please note that most of the participants are attending to expand their network. Consider this fact while you are trying to decide your reasons.

Am I organised well for the event?

If you are organised-well, you can both save money and time. Not to mention your image on people's minds will jump a few levels. First thing to be careful about this smart question is that, you should consider using an online event management software like MeetingHand – click here for more information on what MeetingHand can do – because organising an event with an event management software turns your nightmare situations into piece of cake! Hotels, Tours, Transfers, Submissions, Evaluation Phase, Registrations and many more. Then, after you make all your arrangements and setups, you should check if you are effective on social media (look at Smart Question 9 for more information.). Only then you should ask yourself; Am I organised well for the event? Are you?

How many halls will I need?

This is one of the most basic smart questions you need to give a straight and precise answer ASAP. How many speakers will you have and how busy will your event program be? What is your expectation about amount of participants? Answer those questions and your "how many halls" problem will solve itself.

Is there any convergent events?

There will probably be dozens of convergent events. But which ones are related to the subject of your event? This is important though. You wouldn't want to lose your participants over some other event -and probably you are better- you didn't even heard of. So make your research well before deciding your event's time and place.

Does it matter who my sponsors are and their business sector?

Of course. I mean, there is no point in having a medical sponsor on your fashion event, right? So have sponsors that are related to your subject. If you are organising a fashion event, you must have fashion brands, designers and etc. That smart question and answer goes for all sectors and subjects.

Who am I targeting at the event?

Let's make this step by step with other smart questions.

  1. Decide who is your target audience. Do you want a non-related and under-qualified crowd or do you want a well-qualified and matter-related minority?
  2. Find contact info of your target audience, the more the merrier.
  3. Double check if the contacts you have are related enough to your subject in order to be in your target audience.

You know what to do.

How am I going to measure the satisfaction of the participants

Polls. Seriously, polls are good, stick with polls. Add surveys too. By the way, did you know that MeetingHand has a fully functioning "Communication & Tasks" module that allows you to make polls and surveys? You can even make a poll about how good the lecture was during the event via MeetingHand's mobile app (Yes there is a mobile app too). Anyways, surveys pre/post event are very helpful for you and lets you to to measure the satisfaction of the participants.

Am I familiar with the environment of the destination?

You need to make a research about your venue city. Learn public transportation to your venue, learn about the fees, ways, airport and etc.

Have I used social media efficiently?

There is no point in denying the "social media effect" anymore. In the world we are living in, social media is the easiest way to reach people. If you have social media doubts, I recommend you to read my Social Media piece.

What is my post-event/post-operation plan?

Well this one out of the smart questions, is an important issue to follow. Organising an event costs a lot money and a lot of time. So why flushing down the efforts? Event profs say it is better to use an app where you can send real-time mails/notifications. Guess what? MeetingHand already has an app! All in all, you can use an app or what system you feel more comfortable with, but follow up your event. Otherwise, someone else will.

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