So, You Think You Have A Ticketing Solution..!

So, You Think You Have A Ticketing Solution..!

Event Ticketing Systems provide a full range of services to fit every need at events nowadays. Event managers can take advantage of event ticketing software to work in a more systematic manner and avoid wasting time on activities that can be automated. But, there are also ongoing discussions about these systems and various features they provide, especially when it's time to make a decision to pick one. Here are some useful criteria for those who are about to make a decision for purchasing a new ticketing system below. Have a good read..!

The pricing model of software cost

There are so many business models for ticketing solutions but we can roughly say that, many vendors charge for a setup fee in combination with a percentage per ticket sale of the turnover, plus fees for the payment processing. While that may be easy to calculate for few events, it can become quite costly when you run many events per year and the setup costs or base fees are calculated per event.

  • So, a reliable ticketing solution should have a transparent, simple and predictable business model and it should be a part of your business model.

The cost of implementation

You will always need some devices to register and check the tickets on site, even if the ticketing software is located somewhere in the cloud and the purchase and payment processes was done online. The problem here is that, the expenses for these devices can become significant especially when you are tied to one particular system but have no other alternative.

  • So, your ticketing solution should be able to run on various devices easily.

Easiness of registration set up

This may look very easy at the beginning, but be aware that there are some differences in how easy the setup for registration pages really is, especially when you have complex events with numerous options for the delegate to choose from. This will determine if you need to add 1-2 experts on your team or if more people will be able to set up new event registration pages.

  • So, easiness of registration process of a ticketing solution should also be taken into consideration as a criteria for it might suddenly increase your need for additional man power at your events.

Your participants thoughts

Once people started a registration process in a ticketing system, it needs to be hassle-free, and that applies to all following steps that come along with it until the end. Convenience during the check-in process on site should also be considered, which needs to be quick and easy, regardless of the size of the crowd outside.

  • So, user-friendliness of your system and participant satisfaction is almost a must.

Linking the registration system into your CRM system

It is important that your registration tool and the information that you gather there is mirrored in your CRM system simultaneously, regardless of the database you use for your customer relation management. Otherwise, you have to update your CRM system manually or by other methods.

  • So, your registration / ticketing system should be integrated into your CRM system.

Only a ticketing solution or a full event website?

This is totally related to the number of events and the management tool you already use. In the first case, the solution will be embedded on your site. Some systems can be expanded to offer a full event website with additional features. That can be quite interesting if you only organise few events per year.

  • So, a registration solution should be selected by considering the capabilities of your existing event management tool.

Badge scanning and lead capture

Systems that offer the option to scan badges without having to rent special equipment are clearly a powerful asset. In addition, it is relevant to take a look at the networking capabilities that the system provides for matchmaking between visitors or visitors and exhibitors.

  • So, you should prefer a system which has a badge scanning capability, which will increase your efficiency while decreasing your costs.


Mobile apps are continuously increasing their share in event world. About ticketing and registration; there are two aspects to that; will the participant be able to get a mobile ticket on their device? Secondly, will the registration page be responsive to any sort of device that the potential customer is using? But most of the systems have also a mobile version nowadays.

  • So, mobile-readiness of a registration system is much more better that the others.

Login via social media

People have become used to being able to login online via their social media profiles, so that they don't have to repeat basic information every time or upload pictures. It is not a must but an add-on that may create another reason for participant satisfaction.

  • So, that's better if your system allows your participants to login via social media.

Promotion options offered by the system

Promotion codes, loyalty programs, special offers and different pricing based on e.g. membership status are important tools to maximise the marketing impact for your event. Some systems offer special features such as viral ticketing and even affiliate programs where you can grant commissions for sales partners or other websites, which might increase your revenues.

  • So, try to prefer systems which offer additional features that might maximise marketing impact for your event.