Social Media: How-To Use Before The Events

Social Media: How-To Use Before The Events

Social media has become one of the greatest powerful way to reach people. We do not make a lot of phone conversations or F2F meetings anymore. When we do, we do it online. If we need something, we share it on social media and ask for help from there. If we want to promote something, again, we use social media. This is the exact point of my article; the relationship of events and social media.

Writing this article, I made a lot of research, spoke with different event profs from in and out of my own social circle. I came up with 7 main ways to use social media efficiently before an event.


You need to find a hashtag that is short, easy to spell, memorable and unique for your brand. Be brave about it. Think of all hashtags at ads and tv shows you ever loved. What do you think made you love them?

Social Media Promotion Plan

Facebook: Set up an event page for your event, including relevant and necessary explanations, links and your official event hashtag. After that, invite your friends and ask them to invite their friends.

Twitter: After notable speakers or performers are confirmed, tweet them and ask them personally to retweet. Also, tweet the location and a shortened URL of your event's official page and don't forget your brand's official hashtag.

Instagram: Share the photo of the venue, speakers, flyers, highlights of the programme, interesting facts about the subject of your event. Write your official hashtag and other relevant or interesting hashtags you think is appropriate.

Pinterest: Use pictures, videos, infographics related to your event's subject, speakers, destination and etc. Make sure to put your event hashtag to everything you share.

Special Guests/Speakers

If you want to attract more attendees, it is okay to show off with your special guests or "big" speakers. After it is precise that they are coming, you can announce your guests via your social media accounts as well as theirs. Find your special guests' social media accounts and ask for their collaboration.

Oldschool Promoting using Social Media

Prepare printed posters, invitations, flyers and distribute them to your potential attendees. Do not forget to include your hashtag and primary social media accounts written on them. You can also add your hashtag to your printed tickets, if they exist.

Social Media with Scheduled Tweets

Schedule certain tweets about your event, your destination and this kind of information at certain intervals before the event. Click here to learn some various types about it.

Targeted Social Media Ads

If your destination is a new one, in order to reach your target audience, you should definitely consider Facebook's targeted ads. Try boosting a post from event's page that includes time, location, subject and etc.

Campaigns over Social Media

You need to give if you want to take. A ticket giveaway organisation for example, will definitely heat up the sales. You can start a competition using your brand hashtag at Twitter, Facebook or somewhere else. This surely will help you to reach more people within your target audience.