Unplanned External Effects of Events

Unplanned External Effects of Events

Events create many side effects, both positive and negative, that we never recognise during their preparation or execution phases. Usually event organisers and participants focus only on event activities, so that, they can't recognise how those events also affect surrounding community and area as well or they just do not care.

But actually, events have both negative and positive side effects on surrounding community. While an event may cause a serious pollution in an area or disrupts daily lives of locals it may also helps to the community or individuals to get some benefits. So, events, either small or big, have always side effects in the area where they were organised, never planned or intended before and most of the time larger than imagined. Both negative or positive. Here are some of them;


Each event create new jobs for local people, even they are temporary. Depending upon the length of planning period, local people may enjoy new job opportunities in a wide range of services, such as transport, catering, construction etc. Employment effect also creates its effect on local area and invigorates local economy.

Contribution to Local Economy:

Events brings about an economic activity to its surrounding area as well. In order to organise an event, organisers and participants spend a great deal of money for so many different reasons. As a result, many sectors get their share from events and increase their revenues. Eventually, local economy benefits from event industry a lot such as; accommodation, transportation, catering, translation, communication, construction, animation, publishing & printing, branding, hosting, media, security, car rental etc.

Daily Lives of Locals Might Be Affected Negatively:

Some events are executed only for a certain group of people who requires close protection or tight security measures affecting daily life of locals. For example, just for the security reason some roads around event area might be decided to be blocked for civilian traffic for a while, local authorities, which might turn rush hours worse than ever. Besides, some events like Davos Economic Forum or some events related to environmental problems get big protest by some groups sometimes and when the police interferes, the normal life around event area suddenly turns into a big turmoil.

Effects On A Better Multicultural Community:

Sociologists say that, we usually afraid of others, whom we don't know and it's called as Xenophobia, which we can briefly define as "fear from strangers". So, we either refrain from building relation with others, we are not familiar with or we easily consider their behaviours as hostile. But on the other hand, events bring together different people from different cultures and give every participant a chance to meet different cultural identities and behaviours in a peaceful environment. Moreover, force them to work together or cooperate. Eventually, when you return home from an event you feel quite positive about others and they become your valuable friends. Your conservative thoughts on some ethnic or religious groups may change or be more tolerant after attending several events. So, we can briefly say that, thousands of events bring different people from different cultures together each year and provide significant contribution to world peace, while creating a multi-cultural harmony and a mutual understanding between different communities.

Contribution To Local Infrastructure:

Especially for huge events like olympics, political summits or world cup like tournaments, it requires additional infrastructural constructions, like power supply systems, a new road to event area, a new stadium or a new sports facility, an accommodation area like an Olympic Village or extra communication assets. At the end of the event, all those items remain in their places and locals continue to enjoy them.

Advertising Effects On Local Values:

Many items used in an event also get a chance to be publicised, which means, some sort of a free advertisement and a chance of being popular. That's why many companies either buy sponsorships or freely provide their service during events. But on the other hand, events create a zooming effect on the area where they were held and attract all media attention. Suddenly the daily life, the local food, local customs or sightseeing areas becomes a part of event news and attracts the attention of outer world to event area. As a result, the locals enjoy a free commercial effect of the event, which makes their town popular. Consequently, this would help local area to draw more attention from outer world and earn money from visitors.

Environmental Effects:

The first time that environmental concerns were raised by the public was at some sport events like Olympic Games. Because, while planning an event, usually we do not care about its effects on environment and society. But, events can have a large environmental impact and therefore it is important to understand the basic principles and reasons why we need to change our actions. This needs to become an integral part of our planning and implementation at a micro level, but we also need to understand the bigger picture and an event's relation to surrounding environment. That's why, many event organizers add some concerns about environmental effects in their planning and management process today. Otherwise, it's almost inevitable to create a huge pollution behind after your event.


Briefly saying, events are not only isolated social activities. They are a part of society around them, interacting with outer world. Events get benefit from society and society gets benefit from events. But sometimes society gets some harms from events like environmental problems. That's why, event planners should always take local area and surrounding society into consideration and include into planning process.