Why Event Planners Should Take Mobile Apps More Seriously?

Why Event Planners Should Take Mobile Apps More Seriously?

Mobile apps are one of the most important and fastest growing areas of the events and meetings industry. They provide a powerful tool with many valuable solutions that improve event management or networking between attendees and sponsors. Currently, associations are most likely to have a mobile event app, followed by meeting planners and then conference producers. Corporations with events and meetings show serious interest in apps too.

According to the statistics 3 out of 4 of the event planners currently have a mobile event app for at least one of their events. By 2017 the study forecasts 86% of major event producers and meeting planners will have at least an app, which means the need for mobile apps at events is due to increase 45% by 2020.On the other hand, 44% of attendees on average throughout the industry use mobile event apps currently. This percentage is expected to increase to 56% in 2017. These statistical findings suggest that more than half of attendees and delegates throughout the industry will engage with apps very soon.

Why should event planners use mobile apps at events?

As smart phone technology continues to become more prevalent, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. The leading events teams are already looking to capitalize on the opportunities a mobile event app can present, and with event owners relentlessly looking for ways to improve return on investment, more and more brands are turning to mobile for the future. Here are the other reasons for showing serious interest in mobile apps at event planning;

  • Continuous engagement

Having a mobile app is a great opportunity to connect with your customers at any time of the day. There are various advantages of utilizing apps as a tool for marketing. The idea is to build an everlasting relationship with your customer in a way that most appeals to them.

  • Location based engagement

iBeacon & Geofencing technology is a revolutionizing location based technology. If a participant at your event has downloaded your app, your app is able to pin point the exact location of a guest – whether they are using the app or not by using iBeacon technology and/or other location based technologies. Customized messages can be set up so that individuals receive them when passing by specific beacons. This idea especially comes in handy for convention or trade show style events.

  • Boosting your brand

When it comes to your company or organization and its mobile app, every interaction is an opportunity to present your brand to your audience and provide them with a positive, or negative experience. Mobile branding helps your customers understand what your company's or organization's core values are.But you have to understand the needs and wants of your users on every level to create a lasting impression. Your audience should always have a positive experience when it comes to your app. If you can perfect your user experience, you'll be able to build credibility and trust with your audience in no time.

  • Collecting feedback & customer behavior data

Developing a fast and effective way to get feedback from your event guests is vital. A mobile app is a great way to gather this information which can later be used to understand customer behaviors and areas of improvement.

  • Hassle-free check out or shopping

Check out or shopping cart like functionality is made simple in mobile apps. Purchasing tickets and merchandise at or for your event through an app streamlines all purchasing activity with little to no hassle. Moreover, these hassle-free solutions provide a remarkable guest satisfaction and improve your image as a professional event organizer.

  • Save sources

You can easily save money, time or other valuable sources by uploading maps, directories or agendas to your event app. An event app can be a useful info source for your guests, automatically replying their questions without employing additional staff and suffering additional costs. On the other hand, you don't need to print hundreds of info packages for your guests if you manage to provide timely and clear info for your guests via your event app.

  • Build social network engagement

If you employ a mobile app for your event, you can also add social network engagement platforms to your app. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of those well known social networking tools you can enjoy freely. Having a platform where guests can upload pictures of the event, tweet a fellow guest or take a selfie is a great way to build an event's social media outreach.


As a summary, enterprise apps that deliver valuable, relevant and engaging information that build upon past event attendance and build anticipation for future events will remain on an attendees' device, becoming a trusted resource and communications channel for the user and brand. On the other hand, by adopting a single mobile solution for every meeting or event year round, event mangers are able to focus on driving attendance and engagement, rather than wasting paper and ink.Mobile apps are also great tools for attendees. Because, once downloaded, a mobile app allows attendees to leverage integrated networking and social media tools to build relationships and interact with one another before, during and after your event. As users expand their personal connections, the app becomes a tool they will use to stay connected all the time.A branded mobile app facilitates networking and content sharing throughout the year and extends the event lifespan, enhancing client interaction and strengthening relationships between companies and their most important assets.As a result, all those above mentioned features make mobile apps indispensable tools at event planning which should be taken into consideration carefully.