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Course Description

Meshing with Griddle

This in-person course provides an overview of the capabilities and features of Rhino3D CAD software and the Griddle meshing plugin. The course covers major principles of structured and unstructured surface and volume meshing, describes various Rhino and Griddle commands, and provides a number of applied examples. The course is designed for engineers and researchers constructing complex meshes for FLAC3D, 3DEC, or various finite element software.

The course will include:

Introduction to Rhino CAD environment, CAD modeling, and meshing principles
Demos of working in Rhino and Griddle, basic meshing examples
Practical exercises of mesh construction for civil engineering and mining applications
Discussion and questions

**** A full or evaluation version of Rhino 7 is required.

A full (licensed) version of Griddle 2.0 is required. Users without a full version of Griddle 2.0 may request a temporary web license for the duration of the course.

It is recommended attendees have FLAC3D or 3DEC (full version, v9.0 preferred) installed on their machines to be able to visualize volume grids generated by Griddle.

**In-person event only. No virtual/remote attendance**


Andrey Pyatigorets

Andrey Pyatigorets

Senior Software Engineer