About MeetingHand

Our Story

MeetingHand was developed in 2016 due to high demand in the market for a software platform capable of meeting the ever changing and evolving requirements of event organizers. Our years of experience as a professional conference organizer (PCO) gave us a competitive edge over some of the industry’s most dominant softwares; we knew exactly what the market needed and harvested all of our knowledge, experience and client feedback in developing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that is MeetingHand.

From managing online registrations, ticketing, marketing, abstracts and uploads, bookings, payments and budgets to creating your very own website, mobile app and more, MeetingHand features a host of tools to optimize your event management experience.

Our Mission

Our aim is to place MeetingHand in the world’s top 10 most popular event management softwares by 2020. We plan to do so by presenting the most user-friendly software that’s fully automated, making the experience of each and every user a breeze!

What sets us apart