Our Story

The foundation of MeetingHand Congress Management System dates back to 2006 with the launch of applications to manage registrations and bookings. Ten years ago almost all the congress organisers managed their events by emails and spreadsheets. It is incredible how much time and money were spent to address processes and procedures that might have been better carried out by software.

That’s why we came up with the idea to cooperate with IT experts to develop an integrated system that would have supported our business, but, when we started to look for a solution to the numerous problems we were facing as PCO, we soon understood that the same problems were shared by all the other professionals operating in the MICE world.

We developed our software solutions; a registration, abstract submission and online payment system for our own use between 2007 and 2008 and immediately started to collect the feedback and suggestions of friends and colleagues. Our software solutions were immediately successful, but from the very beginning one point was clear: there were thousands of MICE professionals that had never used such software before. Our IT experts had to focus on designing and developing a system that would have been as much as possible completed, user friendly and close to the real needs of the MICE industry.

In the following years, basing on the suggestions of customers and colleagues, our IT experts worked hard in order to create an integrated platform that would have been as much as possible completed, user friendly and close to the real needs of the MICE industry and, in 2011, they managed to launch MeetingHand Congress Management System.

Our Vision

When it comes visualization;
We see ourselves achieving a technologically focused standardizing business model for M.I.C.E industry.

Our Mission

We develop business knowledge inherited reliable software solutions for M.I.C.E. environment. Such solutions that enable individuals and organizations plan, prepare and carry out their events with comfort and wide freedom of action. Such solution that enables you free…..

Our Software

MeetingHand has been conceived from the very beginning to be a perfectly integrated system, specifically designed to keep everything standardised and centralised and to simplify processes and procedures for organisers and participants by offering high levels of automation and customisation. It’s been developed to be able to control and manage from one single panel all the processes and procedures inherent your organisation.

Today with MeetingHand you can manage registrations, submit and evaluate papers create your scientific program, download e-books, communicate with participants and your partners, book hotels, tour and transfers, manage travel procedures and documents, such as online payments, invitations, vouchers, understand how your event is performing through a detailed reporting system and data analysis and more.

With more than 10 years of expertise and know-how in IT and Congress management, MeetingHand offers 13+ modules that, in conjunction with our mobile app, allow congress organisers, committees and participants to take advantage of the most state of the art technology to receive constant support through the entire event lifecycle, simplify their work and achieve goals that go beyond their expectations.

Our Promise

Every customer is precious for us and we believe in the importance of collaboration; based on your feedbacks and opinions we constantly develop our system. We are never satisfied, that’s why we are committed to continuously improving our software to provide the best quality possible and, with the cooperation of our clients, always find new and better solutions to offer a secure, reliable and satisfying experience.

Join our story of innovation and successes, say goodbye to manual work and achieve a quick, easy and successful organisation.