Web Page Builder

Easy & Powerful Design
  • ​Create your web page yourself like a pro designer with easy design tools.
  • ​Responsive web page with colourful layout customization.
Easy & Effective Content Management
  • ​Manage event web page content yourself.
  • ​​Edit most of your content directly on actual event webpage.
  • ​​​Add new content and make changes anywhere at anytime. All updated changes are immediately online.
Easy to Use

​No coding and no technical knowledge is necessary.

Time & Source Saving
  • ​​Layout setup in minutes.
  • ​​Benefit from services such as SEO, Hosting, SSL and domain name.
  • ​​Compatibility with mobile devices and integration with social networks.
Always Up To Date
  • ​​Get most content from other Meetinghand modules automatically. Web page is always up to date.


Tailor Your Event Registration Easily
  • ​Customize registration process according to your event requirements.
  • ​Create registration types tailored according to your event’s nature.
  • ​Add custom fields as necessary to collect information from your participants.
Register Yourself, Register Your Group Members
  • ​Simplify registration procedure for participants.
  • ​​Provide them individual and multiple participant registration easiness.
Deliver Registration Documents Automatically
  • ​​Create all the necessary documents and deliver them to your participants automatically such as visa letter, proforma invoice or invoice etc.

Travel Services

Simplify The Approach to All Types of Booking
  • ​​Participants can make all types of bookings on a single interface. No need of third party interfaces.
Easily Provide All Detail That Participants Look For
  • ​​Provide hotel details, room types, room availability, tour and transfer details to your participants.
Easy Setup, Effective and Instant Management
  • ​Offer hotels, transfers and tours with easy setup.
  • ​​Manage quotas and prices easily; adopt changes to them instantly.
  • Manage all bookings with simple and similar procedure.
Deliver Booking Documents Automatically
  • ​​Create all necessary documents and deliver them to your participants automatically such as booking voucher, proforma invoice or invoice etc.

Scientific Activities

Easiest Solution for Most Complicated Aspects
  • ​Create submission and presentation types tailored to event requirements.
  • ​​Easy steps for participants to submit abstracts, full texts, etc.
Great Comfort for Reviewers
  • ​Define event tailored evaluation criteria.
  • ​​Appoint reviewers and provide them a simple evaluation interface.
  • ​​Feel comfort of two-way evaluation assignment options; reviewer based and abstract based.
All Process is Under Control
  • ​You and the event committee can fully monitor all evaluation flow.
  • ​​Track evaluation status and update authors as necessary. Multiple options to inform authors on evaluation results.
System Assisted Scientific Program Creation
  • ​Parallel scheduling of Scientific Program with evaluation process.
  • ​​Create all necessary documents and deliver them to authors automatically such as acceptance letter or certificate of presentation etc.

Payments & Budget

Flexibility of Multiple Payment Options Integration
  • ​Use your own secure payment options. Provide multiple payment options to participants.
  • ​​Worldwide integrated payment systems. Authorize.net, Stripe, Braintree, Worldpay, or PayPal.
  • Integrate your own bank’s gateway.
  • Wire transfer registry.
Easy and Automated Parallel Management and Control
  • ​Registration and booking confirmation parallel with online payments.
  • ​​Automated payment document delivery triggering. Invoices, vouchers etc.
  • ​​Automated email notifications triggering upon payments.
  • ​​Participant based automatic and detailed payment registry.
  • ​​Simple discount and refund processing.
  • ​​Logs for online payments.
Fully Controlled Budget Management
  • ​Create budget items depending on your needs.
  • ​​Assign budget item users.
  • ​​Expense authorization.
  • ​​Monitor income and budget up to date.

Sponsorship & Booth

Comfort for Sponsors, Income for Organizers
  • ​Tailor your sponsorship options.
  • ​​Offer benefits to your sponsors.
  • Sponsors can book and pay for sponsorship packages themselves.
  • Customize the information required for your sponsorship bookings as necessary.

Onsite Operations

Comfort for Your Team, Comfort for Participants, Success for Event Owners
  • ​Your team manages everything on a single panel. Enjoy all utilities of MeetingHand modules on a single panel.
  • ​​No more manual paperwork. Get all lists and reports from the same panel.
  • Get feedback quickly and provide feedback to event owners instantly.
Not Possible to Skip Any Detail of Hosting
  • ​Easy and precise check-in. Individual or group check-in easiness.
  • ​​Complete and easily verify all unfinished procedures.
  • ​​Generate all documents you or participants needed automatically on the spot.

Event Activities

Promote Participation, Increase Income
  • ​Offer free or paid social activities. Workshops, dinners and other incentives.
  • ​​Simple for participants to book, easy for you to use.
  • Sell event customized products.
Easy Management
  • ​Customized activity information collection on booking.
  • ​​Provide detailed information to your suppliers.

Communication & Tasks

Unite Your Team on a Single Management Platform
  • ​Multi-way, multiple task assignment utility.
  • ​​Create work groups within your team. Include event committee as necessary.
Participant Support Easiness
  • ​Create and post your own event FAQs for comfort of your participants.
  • ​​Support ticket utility between participant and your team. Solve participants' problems easily.
Inform Your Participants, Increase Participation
  • ​Benefit from free targeted email marketing to your participants and sponsors.
  • ​​Make announcements directly to your participants and sponsor. Parallel posting on event web page.
Get Feedback from Participants
  • ​​Easily make event surveys anytime. Provide instant feedback to event owners.

Mobile App

Your Event is in Your Participants’ Pocket.
  • ​Post your event on MeetingHand App.
  • ​​Personal event agenda utility for your participants.
  • ​​Deliver your announcements to your participants pocket.
  • ​​Access to responsive participant interface on mobile device for bookings, etc.
Easy Management
  • ​​Simple and time saving content management. Speakers, sponsors, scientific program and more.
Have Participants Contribute to The Event and Socialize
  • ​Have them vote for presentations
  • ​​Announce teatime surveys, get instant feedback and update event owners.
  • ​Post participants lists for sessions in participants’ agenda.
  • ​​Give your participants the possibility to communicate with each other from our mobile app.

Publishing & Printing

Simplified Event Badge and Certificate Creation
  • ​Benefit from badge and certificate printing tool without having need for any third party work.
  • ​​Event tailored badge and certificate customization. Do it yourself.
Multiple Badge Designing
  • ​Design different badges for different registration types.
  • ​​Easily clone a badge design to other badge types.
Error Free Event Book Publishing
  • ​Ready to print event book publishing.
  • ​​Error free abstract & full text collection, error free event book publishing.
  • ​​Printable file export utility.
E-Poster Utility for Poster Abstract Presentation
  • ​Don’t let poster presentations vanish.
  • ​​Increase submission number by posting poster presentations online for long a time after event.

Special Services

  • ​You may have very special needs. Contact us and let’s see what we can do for you.
  • We can provide you detailed online or when possible vis á vis training to better use our tools.
  • You can benefit from our great experience.