Registration Management

MeetingHand is an all-in-one platform that fulfills the requirements of all events including business and academic conferences, conventions, exhibitions, meetings, seminars, workshops, festivals, concerts and more!

  • Customizable Registration Forms and Tickets
  • Multiple Registration Tickets with Price Differentiation
  • ‘Required, Hidden, and Optional’ Rules for Registration Types
  • Multiple Languages and Currencies to Choose From
  • Custom Questions with Conditional Logic for Every Registration Type
  • Period and Country Based Registration Pricing
  • Registration via Social Media Accounts
  • Collecting Payments, Providing Discounts and Refunds
  • Triggered Emails, Documents, Notifications and More
  • Auto Invoice and Receipts Generation
  • Auto QR Code Generation
  • Online/Offline Payment Options
  • Registration Validation Codes for “By-Invitation-Only” Events
  • Individual and Group Registrations
  • Easy Badge Designing and Printing (Coming Soon)
  • Customizable Reports
  • Easy Onsite Registration
  • Mobile App Participants’ Check-In

Abstract Management

Collecting, reviewing and managing your participants’ abstracts has never been easier! With our user-friendly abstract submission and management module, your data is gathered and organized in a swift and efficient manner.

  • Customizable Abstract Submission Forms
  • Multiple Upload Formats Supported
  • Easy Abstract Content Styling and Editing
  • Custom Questions with Conditional Logic
  • Smart Abstract Evaluation Process with Blind / Open Review Options
  • Easy Reviewer Assignment and Management
  • Easy Tracking of Presenters’ Registrations and Payment Status
  • Abstract Preview and Download
  • Multiple Conference Programs Creation
  • Fully Synchronized and Personalized Event Agendas
  • Simple Speaker and Presenter Management
  • Mobile App-Searchable Conference Program
  • Easy Abstract Book Creation

Event Onsite Management

Onsite event management is no longer a chaotic process thanks to MeetingHand. Check participants in, handle walk-ins registrations smoothly, confirm payment records, check participant logs, generate badges and more instantaneously.

  • QR Code Check-Ins
  • Easy Badge Printing (Coming Soon)
  • Easy Onsite Registrations
  • View, Edit & Add New Bookings & Payments
  • Onsite Hardware Technology Integrations
  • Track Participant Logs in Details
  • Custom Access Authorization for System Users, Volunteers And Vendors
  • Auto-Generated Documents and Emails

Tried, True and Rated a 4.5/5 on Capterra.

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Payment & Finance

MeetingHand enables you to collect payments through your preferred channels. An advanced tool eases the processing of online payments in different currencies as well as optimizes the tracking and collecting of pending payments.

  • Integration with All Popular Online Payment Systems (Gateways)
  • Online Payments Processing and Collecting
  • Offline Payment Options
  • Onsite Payments Processing
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Refunds, Cancellations and Discounts
  • Auto-generated Invoices & Receipts

Booking Management

MeetingHand offers you an advanced booking tool to maximize your event’s ROI as well as promote and sell all types of services and merchandise. With an easy to use bookings module, you start collecting bookings, payments and issuing invoices instantly.

  • Free and Paid Bookings
  • Workshops, Social Activities and Various Sessions’ Bookings
  • Pre, Post and Sub-Event Bookings
  • Sponsorship and Booth Sales
  • Hotel and Tour Bookings
  • Confirmed and Pending Participants’ Booking Lists
  • Conditionally Automated Booking Procedure
  • Customizable Booking Forms
  • Room Blocking and Quota Management
  • Merchandising


View and manage all of your data including registrations, bookings, abstracts, payments and more easily with our comprehensive Reporting module. With helpful shortcuts, you can retrieve, download and print any information you need in seconds.

  • Instant Customizable Reports
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ Reports Creation
  • Ready-To-Use Onsite Operations’ Report
  • Helpful Shortcuts to Copy or Print Reports
  • Downloadable Reports in Multiple Formats
  • Advanced Participants and Users Log Reports

Used by Event Planners in over 50 Countries.

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Mobile App (Coming Soon)

MeetingHand enables you to power your time-consuming onsite processes with technology. Check participants in, retrieve participants’ information, send push notifications and more in matter of seconds with our free and user-friendly mobile app.

  • FREE Mobile App for Organizers
  • FREE Container App for Attendees
  • Easy-to-Update App Content (No Programming Skills Required)
  • Push Notifications, Lead Retrieval, Chat and Social Wall for Participants
  • Built-In QR Code Scanner
  • Onsite Participant Check-in Via Auto-Generated QR Codes
  • Auto-Synchronized Mobile App Content
  • Personalized Agendas
  • Branded Marketing for Sponsors and Organizers

Event Website

MeetingHand enables you to build impressive event websites easily without the need of any web design or coding knowledge! With plenty of templates to choose from, our drag and drop mechanism makes website designing a breeze!

  • Free Event Website
  • Customizable ‘Drag & Drop’ Website Design
  • Multiple Languages and Currencies
  • Branded Marketing for Sponsors and Organizers
  • White-label Event Website (No MeetingHand Branding Anywhere)
  • Auto-Synchronized Website Content
  • Modern Templates and User-friendly Layouts
  • Responsive Interfaces On All Devices
  • SEO and Analytics Integration
  • Subdomain Hosting and SSL Services

Marketing & Engagement

Run promotional campaigns effortlessly through MeetingHand. With multiple communication channels and numerous third-party integrations, you can send emails, push notifications and more to promote your event registration tickets, products and services.

  • Personalized Invitations and Call-To-Action Emails
  • Automated Personalized Reminders / Notifications
  • Personalized Discounts and Access Codes
  • Registration Fee Scheduling
  • Inbuilt email and announcements
  • Customizable and Triggered Email Templates
  • Merchandising
  • Triggered Documents & Screen Notifications

50,000+ attendees have registered and submitted more than 22,000 abstracts successfully using MeetingHand.

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