Advanced Booking

Promote and sell event services or store items easily

Create & Customize

Create and offer social activities and services or sell store items to your attendees easily by customizing your Registration Form.


Booking for event services is a part of registration. So, you can easily share them with your audience and collect bookings like never before.


Manage and track bookings at no time. Easily collect payments online and visualize bookings by creating instant custom booking reports.

Automate collecting abstracts with ease

Start offering more services today!

You are always couple clicks away to offer more than an event. Creating booking forms for activities, hotel or tours is now easier than ever.

Start Now For Free
Start Now For Free
Activate Booking Forms in no time at all
Just add a short description, quota and price or couple of images. Your services are ready for bookings in seconds.
Customize & Automate Booking Procedures
Customize booking forms by adding any type of question with Conditional Logic and share your services automatically on your event web page and event app.
Connect Bookings with registrations
Connect bookings with specific registration types and create alternative registration packages easily.
Maximize Your Event ROI
Organize workshops and social activities.
Offer store items and increase your revenue.


Offer high-value opportunities to your attendees by adding workshops to your event. Start to promote them at the registration or any time on your event website.

Social Activities

Offer any kind of social event activities like dinners, receptions or special networking togetherings. Start to promote them at the registration or any time on your event website.

Event Store

Add promotional merchandise or souvenirs to your event store and start selling them right away from your event website.

A complete booking system for all your needs

Manage everything about bookings from one place. Save time while keeping your event organized and delivering unforgettable experience to your attendees.

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A complete booking system for all your needs
Start Now for Free
Manage Confirmed and Pending Bookings
Manage all of your attendees’ booking progress from one place. Check attendee lists and reach all booking information on a user based level to manage even further.
Hotel and Tour Bookings
Enrich your event by adding accommodation options and sightseeing activities. Use single platform for managing all hotel and tour bookings.
Event Sponsorships & Booth Sales
Operate event sponsorships easily by categorizing and publishing them on your event web site. Use single platform for making sales and managing of booths.
Room Blocking and Quota Management
Reserve rooms for specific registration types and set quota for any booking like hotel rooms, tours, activities, workshops and even for the products in your event shop!
Collect payments, issue invoices!

Easily collect payments in the booking process. Offer offline and onsite credit card payment options. Generate invoices and receipts with unlimited line items, tax rates, discounts, packages, service fees and more.

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Mobile app

View and manage bookings for everyone

Every update in your event synchronizes with the app automatically. Your attendees may reach all the bookings from your Event App which is 100% Free!

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Powerful & Intuitive Registration Management
MeetingHand gives all you need and more, to accomplish all kinds of registration processes.

Collect any kind of submissions with Custom Registration Forms

Create multiple registration forms with custom questions triggered by Conditional Logic. Add fields to collect presentations, validation documents, ids, simply any file your registration policy needs.

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Keep registered attendees always in the loop!

Automatically triggered emails, notifications and documents will be sent in the registration workflow to let your attendees have the information they need when they need it.

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Easy Onsite Registration and Badge Designing

Reach your data any time to give seamless experiences even when you are face to face with your attendees. Enjoy creating custom badges from attendee data you collected.

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Client’s Reviews

We are fully satisfied with both the system as well as the service offered by MeetingHand. For our users, the system is very acceptable and we hardly have to explain things since the registration process is very logical.

Michaela Pichler - International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
Michaela Pichler International Association for Cereal Science and Technology

MeetingHand is a great product, packed with lots of features and backed up by an excellent team. For us as a non-profit organization, the price is more acceptable than the 20 different other solutions that I evaluated.

Chris Thomas - Special Events
Chris Thomas Special Events Aoraki Ltd.

The program has a lot of functionality and many features. The customer support is fantastic. They are quick to respond and accurate.

Jennifer French - Neurotech Reports
Jennifer French Neurotech Reports
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