Marketing & Engagement

MeetingHand was designed with an emphasis on providing limitless engagement to expedite the way event organizers reach out. With multiple communication channels and effortless third-party integrations, you can sit back and watch all of your ‘previously-tedious’ processes being optimized and automated.

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Personalized Communication

Send personalized invitations and easily provide special discounts to any specific groups/members you want. Assign different rates for different geographic locations as determined by the visitors’ IP addresses.

One by one communication

Inbuilt Emails & Announcements Tool

Instantly send e-mails to your contacts and attendees with our emailing tool to increase your sales and engagement. You can easily import your existing contact list through Excel spreadsheets and CSV files.

Inbuilt email & announcements

Inbuilt CRM & Lead-Tracking Tool

Track your marketing efforts with our simple CRM tool and witness your invitations turn into registrations.

Inbuilt CRM & Lead Tracking Tool

Communication & Support

Create your event FAQs easily and manage tickets/support requests easily using the inbuilt Support tool; this tool alerts you of incoming support request and helps you automates replies for similar/repeated requests. You can track progress and view support history at any time for timely action and ultimately, high attendee satisfaction.

Communication & Support

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With even more features such as:

  • Invitations and Call-To-Action E-Mails
  • Customizable and Triggered E-Mails Templates
  • Surveys
  • Discount Codes
  • Rate Scheduling
  • Social Media Referrals and Login
  • Affiliate Schema
  • Integration with 3rd Party CRM Softwares
  • Merchandising
  • Triggered Documents & Screen Notifications
  • Customizable Event FAQs
  • Simple Tracking & Management of Support Tickets