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Registration Management

MeetingHand gives all you need and more,
to accomplish all kinds of registration processes.


Creating your registration forms is simpler than ever! Add registration type, set a quota and a price.


Customizing your registration forms has never been easier. Add any type of question with Conditional Logic.

Collect & Manage

Ready to collect registrations? Forms are automatically visible on the registration page of your event website.

Doing the right thing at the right time!

Create multiple registration forms and tickets with custom questions triggered by Conditional Logic for every kind of workflow.

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Shows all the variables you may use while customizing the registration form of your event.
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Registration Types for all kind purposes
Set Required, Hidden and Optional' rules for Registration Types. Create Registration Validate Codes for "By-Invitation-Only Events
Custom Pricing for various conditions
Set period and country based registration pricing. Easily create multiple registration tickets with price differentiation.
Multiple Languages and Currencies
Customize forms and set different language and currency for your event type and location.
Connect registration forms to everywhere
Start collecting registrations from your event website, email marketing campaigns, surveys, social feeds, and more.
Collect any kind of submissions
Create customized fields to collect presentations, validation documents, ids, simply any file your registration policy needs.
Offer activity plans, travel or hotel rooms
Make your registration exceptional! Add fields on your registration forms to offer various activities to your attendees.

Personalized Registration Experience
for every Event and Meeting

Registration via Social Media
No matter what your attendees would like to use to register to your event. You are covered. All popular social logins like Google, Facebook and Linkedin are integrated with your registration forms to smoothly accomplish your workflow.
Easy Onsite Registration
Deliver great onsite registration experience to your attendees. Reach your data any time to give seamless experiences even when you are face to face with your attendees. Avoid long lines and reduce wait time with great services like badge printing and mobile app check-ins.
Individual and Group Registrations
Make registrations even more quick and easy. Group registration allows one person to register multiple people like especially work groups or families for your event quickly. This gives great opportunity to elevate the way how you handle registrations.

Auto QR Generation &
Easy Badge Designing/Printing

Enjoy creating custom badges from attendee data.

Keep registered attendees always in the loop!

Automatically triggered emails, notifications and documents will be sent in the registration workflow to let your attendees have the information they need when they need it.

Customizable Reports

Effortlessly get instant and customizable reports about your attendees and forms.


Mobile App Check-Ins

Let your attendees make their check-ins from your Event App which is 100% Free!

Payment & Finance Management
Easily track and collect payments even if they are in different currencies.

Auto Invoice & Receipt Generation

Manage all your transactions of your event with built-in finance management tools. Our invoice generator lets you build invoices and receipts with unlimited line items, tax rates, discounts, packages, service fees and more.


Discounts & Refunds

Use discounts feature that allows you to add multiple price points to your event. Reward attendees by time or multiple services they purchase. Handle all refund procedures on the system.


Collecting Payments

Easily collect payments in the registration process and after with already integrated multiple payment gateways. Offer offline and onsite credit card payment options to let your attendees choose what suits for them.

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Client’s Reviews

We are fully satisfied with both the system as well as the service offered by MeetingHand. For our users, the system is very acceptable and we hardly have to explain things since the registration process is very logical.

Michaela Pichler - International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
Michaela Pichler International Association for Cereal Science and Technology

MeetingHand is a great product, packed with lots of features and backed up by an excellent team. For us as a non-profit organization, the price is more acceptable than the 20 different other solutions that I evaluated.

Chris Thomas - Special Events
Chris Thomas Special Events Aoraki Ltd.

The program has a lot of functionality and many features. The customer support is fantastic. They are quick to respond and accurate.

Jennifer French - Neurotech Reports
Jennifer French Neurotech Reports
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