Operation Management

View, monitor and manage each participant’s information, payments, uploads, documents and more easily. This tool helps you find any information you need instantly to save time and avoid any long registration queues.

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Smart Reporting

Customize your private reports with our simple drag and drop mechanism or simply choose from several templates readily available for your convenience.

Smart Reporting

Onsite Check-Ins

Easily check-in your attendees with MeetingHand’s free mobile app, integrated scanners, access controllers, badge printers and more.

Onsite check-in and tracking

Onsite Technology Integrations

MeetingHand’s flexibility allows for seamless integration with multiple third-party equipment and technologies to assist you during your event. Our round-the-clock support team is available to provide information and guide you step by step through integration processes.

Onsite Technology Integrations

Team Management

Delegate responsibilities by giving access to as many team members you need. You can easily monitor and view the progress of your team with all assigned tasks at any time.

Team management

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With even more features such as:

  • Easy Individual and Group Check-Ins
  • Team, Volunteers and Vendors Management
  • View, Edit & Add New Bookings & Payments
  • Track Participant Logs in Details
  • Instant Customizable Reports
  • Copy, Print and Export Reports in Different Formats
  • Autogenerated Documents and Emails