Payment & Finance

MeetingHand enables you to accept payments through your preferred channels. An advanced tool eases processing payments in different currencies as well as optimizes tracking and collecting of missing payments.

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All in Your Own Control

Choose the system that matches your workflow to track payments, assign discounts, issue refunds, apply penalties, generate payment documents and more, as well as manage and track your budgets and expenditures.

All in your own control

Custom Gateway Integrations

Continue using the tools that work for you. MeetingHand’s flexibility allows you to integrate your preferred gateway to continue collecting payments the way you’re used to.

Custom Gateway Integrations

Apply Multiple Tax Rates

Apply different tax rates and percentages for different services and process your payments in different currencies.

Apply Multiple Tax Rates

Online & Offline Payments

Choose the online and offline payment channels that best suit your needs. Automated reports allow you to track the progress of your incoming payments, their source, type, and the services/items purchased.

Online / Offline payments.

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With even more features such as:

  • Expenditure & Budget Management
  • Autogenerated Invoices & Receipts
  • Discount Codes
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Payment by Instalments