Why Meetinghand?

MeetingHand is for

  • Associations.
  • Companies.
  • Corporations.
  • Agencies.
  • Event Planners.
  • Event Organizers.
  • Other Institutions.

and for anyone who wants to arrange and manage a specific event individually.

Along with our experience, many PCOs agree on that the crucial point in event management is synchronizing multiple complicated needs of event owners, participants and sponsors while combining them on a single integrated platform solving ambiguity of event’s nature.

PCOs’ end state is to fulfil all those needs, achieve a successfully performed event with visible increase in attendance and decrease in costs.

Do you share the same opinion? Then you need MeetingHand…

How MeetingHand Supports PCOs?

MeetingHand is a perfect solution to overcome the burden on your shoulders. Improve your business options with MeetingHand.

MeetingHand covers wide range event types whether or not they are big or small. Congresses, conferences, symposiums, meetings, games, concerts, weddings, incentive trips and so on…

With this powerful event management software, you can unite your team on an event based single platform.

You can assign your team members as system users with necessary authorization depending on their job description.

MeetingHand provides you an autonomous management with enhanced collaboration.

Human interfaced traditional processing with more working hour hinders your team performance. MeetingHand reduces weight of workload.

Decrease in unnecessary mass of work does not mean a loss in your business quality. Just the opposite!

With MeetingHand, you save time where time is the strongest asset behind success.

Saving time means, more opportunity to deal with important details that results in perceivable increase in work quality.

What you offer event owners is an important incentive to earn trust.

With MeetingHand you promise and ensure them a successful event performance. You promise them error free and fast working registrations, submission-evaluation process, bookings, payments, badge-certificate-abstract book printing and so on… Real time updated reporting refreshes them to follow event status.

What you offer your participants also defines your success.

With MeetingHand, your participants find and understand all answers of their needs, from registration to others.

They use one single and simple interface for all event-associated needs. Additionally, MeetingHand mobile app is a great utility that they can enjoy.

They don’t need to run after so many question marks about their submissions, bookings, payments and confirmations. Since they will not be fighting with procedures, your team handles less.

For all the above advantages, MeetingHand is your reliable assistant. Why wait?

How MeetingHand Supports Event Owners?

Events are wide in range.

Congresses, conferences, symposiums, meetings, games, concerts, weddings, incentive trips and so on… Some are large scale, some are small in terms of business. But the fact is all events are utmost important for their owners.

From MeetingHand perspective any event is big and any event is very important.

So we developed MeetingHand to serve the best for all. MeetingHand covers almost all event types, either small or large scale.

MeetingHand lowers your organizational expenses.

MeetingHand has reasonable prices compared to all advantages. It handles a reasonable amount of workload itself so that you can save time, labor and money.

If you are working with a professional event organizer, ask for MeetingHand.

You grant that your guests or participants will not complain about procedural shortfalls. With MeetingHand your event runs on a stable and reliable digital platform that human driven errors are minimized.

Preparation phase of scientific events is very easy now.

Problem free submission process for participants, problem free evaluation process for committee members and reviewers are no more a dream. All can be done at home.

We designed MeetingHand in a way that event owners can also organize their events themselves alone or with their own team.

Although you are not in event organization business, you may prefer to manage your event yourself or with an ad-hoc team in your institution.

You don’t need to know event organization business like a professional.

Just follow the path in MeetingHand. MeetingHand is designed to manage and execute even small but important details that you may not aware of.

You don’t need to think about email or notification trafficking. MeetingHand has already arranged them.

Imagine that besides a web page, you provide your guests a mobile app to enjoy although your event is small. Cream on the cake, isn’t it?

You don’t need to think about and pay for a mobile app for your event. Mobile app is just a feature in MeetingHand. You can put your event detail into your participants’ pocket and enable them to access participant interface.

Enjoy pleasure of sharing intellectual or business feeds with your guests, rather than fighting with organizational discomforts.

Many event background issues do not occupy your time. As the host of event you have more time to share with your guests.

MeetingHand is your reliable assistant. Why wait?