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Best Practices in Integrating Ai-based Tools in EFL Teaching


In the ever-evolving arena of language education, staying ahead of the curve is unimaginably challenging, particularly in meeting the learners’ needs and interests. Thereby, “the Empowering Best Practices in EFL Teaching Meetings” emerges as a fresh initiative to revive research and pedagogic activities, if not as a beacon of innovation to bring colleagues, MA students and tech enthusiasts under one roof. These meetings are basically meant to take up a space where tradition meets technology, and pedagogy embraces at least the near future.


Main Objectives:

 Apart from charting the course for effective practices, the main concern of this scientific meeting is to explore the realm of Ai-powered tools and platforms in EFL classrooms, and thus set the stage for adopting what goes in accordance with the department’s broad schemes. It additionally aims at promoting collaboration among lecturers, setting an additional asset in the favour of the department’s community. The administrative staff, participants and all collaborators aspire to equip each other with the latest instructional methodologies for personalized teaching experiences and enhanced language acquisition


Scope of the Study Day:

 The department of English, in collaboration with Contrastive Linguistics and Language Characteristics Laboratory, are inviting proposals for the 1st Study Day on Empowering Best Practices in EFL Teaching, on 05 June 2024, from the department’s researchers and lecturers.

 The Study Day Committee invites lecturers and researchers to submit their 300-word abstracts, making sure they fall on one of the following themes listed below, of course not limited to.


Main Themes


-          Consolidating the Power of AI in Language Teaching: Exploring Effective Implementation Strategies.

-          Adapting to Recent Teaching Trends: Evolving Roles of Educators in EFL Classes with Ai-powered Platforms.

-          Interdisciplinary Approaches to AI in Language Learning.

-          Teacher Training for Ai-Integrated Classrooms.

-          Exploring Ethical and Practical Considerations in Integrating AI into EFL Instruction.

-          Personalization and Differentiation in EFL Teaching: Customizing Classroom Tasks and Activities to meet Diverse Student Needs.

-          Engaging Learners through Interactive Ai-driven Language Learning Platforms.

-          Action in EFL Classes: AI Insights to enhance EFL Instruction and Learning Outcomes.

-          Balancing AI Integration and Human Implementation: Empowering Effective Teacher-Student Interactions in EFL Classes.

-          Innovative Assessment Practices: Utilizing Ai-based Tools for Real-time Feedback in EFL Contexts.

-          Building Digital Literacy in EFL Advanced Classes: Critical Thinking Skills alongside AI Tools

-          Future EFL Education in Culture-based Courses: Preparing Students for Ai-augmented Communication Skills.

-          Cultural and Literary Sensitivity in EFL Teaching: Exploring the Nuances to create an Inclusive and Culturally Rich Learning Environment.


All sessions will be 15-minute presentations. The deadline for abstract submissions is 02 May 2024. To find out more on how to submit your abstract, click on submit your abstract above.

 The Study Day Committee, via the Empowering Best Practices in EFL Teaching Initiative, looks forward to celebrating the combination of teaching and technology, giving birth to a community of educators dedicated to shaping effective ELT practices.


The Scientific Committee:


Mrs Amira Hiba Nouioua Head of Department

Dr. Mohamed Cherif Seddiki

Dr. Brahim Aribi

Dr. Guelil Assia

Mr. Salah Bakhouche

Mr. Abdelkadeur Kourdouli

Dr. Soumia Ben Tahar

Dr Fattom Mouissa


Dr. Mohamed Cherif Seddiki

Dr. Mohamed Cherif Seddiki

Lecturer in English

Dr. Amira Hiba Nouioua

Dr. Amira Hiba Nouioua

Lecturer in English

Dr. Soumia Ben Tahar

Dr. Soumia Ben Tahar