A fully customisable, all-in-one event management software. From collecting registrations to providing travel services or collecting abstracts to creating event programs, all you need.
It even comes with a free Mobile App.

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Discover Your Event Needs

  • Web Page

    Edit your website, manage its content and benefit from additional features.

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  • Registration

    Customise and manage registration procedures through your website.

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  • Travel Services

    Collect and manage reservations for hotels, tours and transfers.

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  • Scientific Services

    Collect and evaluate Abstracts and Papers and create your publications.

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  • Payments & Budget

    Collect your payments in a safe environment and manage your budgets.

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  • Sponsorship & Booth

    Manage and increase income from sponsorships and stand sales.

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  • Onsite Operations

    Manage all your information from one single panel through lists and statistic compilations.

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  • Event Activities

    Create and sell side activities such as workshops, dinners and tours.

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  • Communication & Tasks

    Simplify communications within your team and with participants and partners.

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  • Mobile App

    Take MeetingHand wherever you go with the Mobile App.

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  • Special Services

    Customize your MeetingHand experience and find a solution to all your needs.

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  • ICC - International Association for Cereal Science and Technology

  • International Myopain Society

  • Baskent University
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Bilkent University
  • Chamber of Environmental Engineers
  • Honeywell
  • Special Events Aorakil Ltd Event Managers
  • Ayder

  • Arber

Build your own standards

Ideal for both, one time and recurring events

MeetingHand is tailored for all kind of events, whether it is an international conference or en event for small group of people. With easy to set up steps, you can evaluate your needs and build your event in no time. You always have the option to use your prior work for recurring events, saving even more time on similar events to come.

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Everything in one place

Your event is under your control
from start to finish!

Thanks to MeetingHand,
event management has never been easier.

From building your event’s website to collecting registrations and payments, booking hotels and tickets, managing sponsors and booths, organising social and scientific activities; all your needs are simplified in one place with a wide variety of tools and options tailored by experienced event organisers.

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It's a Teamwork

Makes collaboration easy for your team

MeetingHand makes your team collaborate easily with Communication and Task Management tools. Share your tasks and work collaboratively on events with your team. Everyone will know what they have to do and when they have to do it.

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Save Time and Effort

Easy management. No mistakes.

MeetingHand is the easiest way to make your event flawless. No more dealing with paperwork. No more surprises. You can comfortably focus on the most important part of your event: the participants and their comfort.

All Live and Ready

No more spending days
for stats and reports

Track real-time progress and export reports of important metrics with MeetingHand’s crafty reporting tools. All your valuable data -payments, registrations, bookings and all other activities- is accessible 24/7 from your dashboard.

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Stays Where You Leave It

Always be one step ahead

Anytime you create a new project, your previous event’s data is there where you left. Especially for recurring events, you don’t need to start from a scratch at all.

Access from Anywhere

Wherever you are,
whenever you need

MeetingHand is great for improving your event management skills. No matter where you are, from your event’s website to admin controls, you have secure access to all your event’s data.

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Your Participants, Your Priority

Best tools to accommodate
your participants

Thanks to MeetingHand, you also deliver powerful tracking tools to your participants. They know the exact program, they know exactly where and when to be. You keep your attendees up to date without any extra work, increasing turnaround for future.

Proposal to Live Instantly

Your business proposals are more
convincing than any time else.

MeetingHand offers unlimited project trials. Every single event in your account owns this unique feature. You can create customised online events for your business proposals. Your clients will see an actual demo of their event before the live version.