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Experience The Next Generation of Online Event

The smartest event registration software

Every event starts with attendee registration. Welcome attendees with a user-friendly sign-up form and great experience that show them what to expect, and what you promise. MeetingHand event registration software accelerates signups transforming basic registration into customized journeys that engage attendees.

The smartest online event registration software handles everything for you - from start to finish - including your event's unique needs.

Create your event now to see how intuitive it is. Also works perfectly as conference registration software for complex events.

MeetingHand Event Registration
Flexible ticketing registration

Easily Customize Event Registration

Flexible registration forms and journeys

With a few clicks, quickly set up event registration system and achieve your online registration goals. Our smart software automates signups, online event registration workflows, saving you time and effort.
Easily customize registration journeys with conditional logic and registration form templates. Tailor registration statuses, emails, and pages to your brand.
We simplify complexity so you can deliver event registration experiences aligned to your audience expectations, and your goals.

  • Responsive, user-friendly registration forms
  • Dynamic registration pricing options
  • Conditional logic and automated registration workflows
  • Add-on event services booking
  • Advanced customization of fields and progress
virtual & hybrid event

Attendee Engagement

Personalize event registration to grow–seamlessly

Transform plain events into personalized experiences. Inspire your target audiences with customized outreach, branded event pages, and tailored engagement to drive event growth

MeetingHand event registration software transforms basic event pages and emails into personalized experiences that highlight what makes your event special. Tailor meaningful connections to excite and engage your audience.

  • Personalized emails, invites, and notifications
  • SEO-optimized and branded event pages
  • Promo codes and special offers
  • Intuitive and converting designs
  • Designs encourage engagement & networking
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How it works

Memorable events make a lasting impression


Easily design event registration pages, and display in a few clicks


Deliver personalized experience with email invites and promo codes to convert your audience, like never before.


Track your registration counts and analyze your data to prove and grow your event.

Marketing & Event Branding

Event Promotion & Branding

Design to stand-out

Whether it's building brand awareness or building excitement and anticipation, our smart event registration software equips you with everything to brand your event. From customized registration forms to personalized email campaigns and SEO-optimized event pages.

Every event starts with registration and grows with marketing and branding. In a few clicks, access design tools to choose templates and tailor a stylish, converting event website. Configure automated emails, social media shares, promo codes, and landing pages to showcase your event, and drive registrations.

  • Fully branded responsive event webpage
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Automated registration reminders
  • SEO webpage content and lead capture
  • Integrated social sharing, Google Analytics…
Event Program

Dynamic Event Programs

Showcase your speakers, presenters and sponsors

Save time and effort creating customized programs. Efficiently build schedules with sessions, talks, presentations, and social events.

Meetinghand event registration system provides flexible tools to easily create speaker profiles, highlight sponsor brand, and design professional event agendas. Your partners will love how you showcase the best of your event and help spread success!

  • Automated scheduling and agenda designs
  • Stunning speaker and presenter profiles
  • Highlighted partners and sponsor brands
  • Multi-track and session support
Discover Features

Secure Payment Processing / Gateway Integration

Safe transactions to maximize
your event ROI

Give attendees flexible payment options and safely collect your registration revenue in your account. Easily connect your gateways and enable secure payments with meetinghand event registration software. Only in a few clicks connect the most trusted global gateway stripe and stripe connect.

Access user-friendly screens to monitor your revenue in real-time and optimize your financial workflow.

  • Multi online and offline payment processing options
  • Transactions in dozens of global currencies
  • Ready to integrate your own gateway
  • Dynamic fee scheduling and discounts
  • Custom reporting for actionable insights
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Data Driven Event Management

Data Driven Event Management

Measure success with
in-depth data-driven results

Make confident decisions backed by the data provided. Our robust reporting and analytics tool transforms online event registration data into actionable insights.

Configure customized reports and visualizations. Access dashboards to monitor registration types, payment status and more to track progress and fine-tune actions to ensure success.

  • Dynamic reporting on trends
  • Customizable charts and graphs
  • Real-time event analytics
  • Data visibility for event stakeholders
  • Easy report exporting and sharing
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Increase Revenue and Grow

Grow Revenue From Events

Manage the details and generate additional revenue

Doesn’t matter how many add-ons you have and how many attendee type you would like to match. Easily create an event and set up the conference registration software. Add your workshops, courses, receptions, dinners, rooms, excursions, etc. Set triggers to automate your event workflows based on custom rules.

Just in a click, promote add-ons and enjoy the experience of generating more revenue, like never before.

One Platform, Many Great Features

One Platform, Many Great Features!

Event registration software feature list

To make your life easier, we've gathered a whole bunch of cutting-edge solutions into one platform. Click to check the whole feature list

  • Registration setup workflow with a progressive step by step approach
  • Realtime payment tracking and reporting
  • Automated payment confirmation emails
  • Attendee interface for payment and invoice download
  • Real-time registration, bookings, attendance, and revenue tracking
  • Automated confirmations, notifications, and reminders
  • Attendee check-in
  • Registration options with verification code or invite-only
  • Multiple registration types, packages, quotas and fees
  • Free or paid additional merchandise / services
  • Restricting access to exclusive sessions to paid attendees only
  • Fully integrated with event program, invited speakers, abstract submission and event web page
  • Multiple tiers with group, speaker, and code-based discounts
  • Tax-inclusive pricing and invoicing
  • Automatic price updates after the payment due dates
  • Bundled registration packages or optional add-on event services
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Offline (wire transfer, cash, etc.) payment processing
  • Invoice generation and download
  • Fully customizable registration question types
  • Registration type-based form customization
  • Exclusive registration options for invited speakers, groups, and sponsors
  • Registration-integrated workshop, social activities, and event services bookings
  • File uploads specific to registration types (bios, IDs, pictures, etc.)
  • Custom registration reports
  • Registration and add-on services quota management
  • Daily 'New registrations received' notifications for organizers
  • Differential pricing periods (early bird, etc.)
  • Personalized and automated discount codes
  • Alternative event currency options
  • Attendee account page for tracking, editing and managing attendance
  • Attendee inbox for notifications and emails
  • Branded registration forms with theme color and logo
  • Shareable registration form and social media links