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Engaging Event Webpages

Memorable first impression with free event website builder

Our free website builder provides everything to easily build stunning event pages, emails, banners -with just a few clicks.We provide event website templates that fit well for all event types –including conferences, congresses, symposiums, workshops, meetups, and more.

Get a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly event website that ranks high in Google search results. Save time and effort with automated content creation and updates –just create and setup your event.

MeetingHand Event WebPage
Stunning Event Pages

Resonate with your Brand

Create visually stunning event web pages in no time

Our free event website builder makes it easy to build, brand and promote your event - without any coding skills. Get your audience excited to register with custom-designed professional looking event websites. Whether visitors are browsing for information or signing in, our compelling calls-to-action engage them seamlessly and converting minds into registered participants.

Choose from various mobile-friendly website templates with;

  • Event logo, colors, and images
  • Automated SEO optimization
  • Built-in registration and submission forms
  • Multi-language support - Google Translate
  • Auto content blocks for speakers, agenda, registration and more.
  • Custom domain support with free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited free blocks
Google SEO

Maximized Google Visibility

Guaranteed 1st page rank on Google search

Our free event website builder is designed to improve your event's visibility and drive traffic from Google searches. We utilize proven SEO best practices to ensure your event pages rank on the first page.

We’ve structured and optimized all the on-page elements, metadata, tags, site speed and more upfront - so your event can stand out from the crowd in Google results without extra effort.

Your event's appearance leverages your event's success…

How it works

Acquiring attendance is as seamless as 1, 2, 3.


Set up and customize your website design with logos, colors, visuals, and custom domain


Activate ready content and bult-in registration forms, email actions, social sharing links in no time. And your free content blocks as well.


Share, track visits and registration, and analyze event performance in real-time.

Flexible ticketing registration

Drive Event Registrations

Captivate your audience and inspire actions

Craft compelling event websites that captivate your audience and inspire immediate action. Instantly grab attention with visually appealing designs that highlight key event details. Motivate website visitors to interact, register, and attend - by showcasing the most compelling aspects of your event.

Experience the influential impact of an engaging event webpage carefully designed to boost clicks and registrations. Elevate your event's online presence, making every visit an opportunity to convert interest into attendance.

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Dynamic Update

Real-time Updates

Feed your event webpage with update pulses!

Keep your good event website up-to-date and fresh, as your event progress. Ensure your event schedules, speakers, fees, and announcements always updated, and all showcased in eye-catching designs. Dynamic and fresh content generates return visits, as visitors check back for latest updates on schedules, speaker spotlights, deadlines and more. The automated syndication across website and email channels sustains momentum post signups.

Rather than one-off promotion, regularly engage registered users for retention driving repeat participation and loyalty beyond a single event instance.

  • Time and effort saving auto updates
  • Single point content sync website and emails
  • User friendly designs to showcase real-time changes
  • Ready sharing visuals and links
  • No manual editing needed
Dynamic Registration

Bring Your Event Vision to Life

Supercharge with an all-in-one event management platform

Bring your event vision seamlessly to life using our end-to-end suite - right from maximizing promotion to engaging experiences. Transform ideas into reality by easily setting up effective event websites, mass communication, registrations and more under one dashboard.

Enjoy instant visibility perks like built-in SEO, while kickstarting audience connections. Customize registration and personalized invites based on AIDA principles targeting attention and participation.Now transform your creative plans into reality through simplified orchestration.

  • Fully integrated registration and payment
  • Hassle-free submission, review and schedule
  • Intuitive attendee self- registration portal
  • Real-time interactive communication and monitoring
  • Integrated dashboard providing customized views
  • Comprehensive visibility and centralized control
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Data Driven Workflow

Showcase Program & Speakers

Captivate attendance with a stunning program

Deliver memorable and informative experiences for your event audiences, across all formats. Our tools make it easy to craft captivating programs - no matter the complexity or number of speakers. Seamlessly add and update all your event content.

Highlight your event agenda and speakers in memorable formats. Easily manage diverse tracks, breakouts, sessions - without hassles.

Our free website builder scales elegantly;

  • Integrated rooms, session and speaker schedules
  • Support for talks, workshops, social events
  • Real-time updates across website and emails
  • Metrics for registration and attendance
  • Integrated dashboard providing customized views
  • Comprehensive visibility and centralized control

Whether it's a small meetup or large conference, showcase your fully branded event program to captivate attendees.

One Platform, Many Great Features

One Platform, Many Great Features!

Free Event Website Builder feature list

To make your life easier, we've gathepurple a whole bunch of cutting-edge solutions into one platform. Click to check the whole feature list

  • Event webpage templates with modular blocks
  • Pre-built page layouts tailored for conferences
  • Responsive themes that adapt automatically across devices
  • Style editor for colors, fonts and branding
  • Freedom to rearrange content with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Integrated SEO protocols for enhanced site visibility
  • Multi-language translations for broadening audience reach
  • Integration of social media links
  • One-click publishing for instant site activation
  • Toggle page sections on/off to spotlight relevant content
  • Preview changes without impacting live event webpage
  • Google Analytics integration for traffic insights 
  • Option to use a custom domain name
  • Speaker spotlights, virtual sessions, and 'Add to Calendar' options
  • Tailored calls-to-action for each page layout
  • Embeded event countdown timer