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What do we stand for?

We all know that time is an irreplaceable asset. However, event organizers experience this reality in every event they organize. As a team, organizing events for more than 20 years, we designed MeetingHand to save you and your participants' time and energy. You and your attendees will enjoy spending more time and energy with your loved ones.

What meetinghand is doing differently?

Automated and gap-free process

Easily setup your events and track how easily your tasks progress in your workflow. And no matter how many issue and attendee you are dealing with, the whole process designed with an experienced academician conference planner’s perspective.

Fully customizable

We know every event unique and may have unique requirement. You can customize every touch point and offer your attendees personalized journeys.

Easy-to-use intuitive designs

How simply it works is our main difference. All are in an intuitive design and no training required.

Simplified; straightforward usage

Start saving your time and energy from the first touch point; create your account, build your event, and include your team within a few minutes. No need for a long negotiation and preperation time, you can update your event setup and workflow any time and any where.

Team match

Never stand alone. Include your team, partners and our team for free. We are here and doesn’t matter what you are looking for? A friendly support, better experience, deep knowledge, powerful partner, feeling confident and more.

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