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Because we value your time, money and effort

We all know that time is an irreplaceable asset. However, event organizers experience this reality in every event they organize. As a team, organizing events for more than 20 years, we designed MeetingHand to save you, your team and your participants' time and energy. You and your attendees will enjoy spending more time and energy with your loved ones.

Save your money, up to 43%* 

Meetinghand is committed to reducing your event management software costs with:

  • Affordable pricing that scales
  • No user fee, no hidden fees or surprise penalties
  • Free full-access trials and exclusive early sign-up discounts
  • Flexible terms aligned to your needs
  • No need for training with intuitive designs
Save your time, up to 37%* 

Experience significant time saving is event coordination compared to traditional methods with MeetingHand’s:

  • Automated and rule-based workflow
  • Personalized experiences with conditional logic fields and progress
  • Fully Sync-ed updates across all integrated solutions
  • Streamlined one-click attendee communication and announcements
  • Customized engagement and discount management
  • Tailored reports and engagement metrics
Drive growth, up to 11%* 

MeetingHand empowers your event's growth by enhancing visibility and expanding reach:

  • Leverage built-in SEO strategies for a 30% increase in visibility
  • Secure a 1st page on google search for Increased visibility
  • Expand reach and boost awareness through marketing campaigns
  • Elevate conversions by 14% through personalized campaigns
  • Implement persona-based tailored registration journeys
  • Experience an average 11% revenue increase
* Insights derived from internal analytics and user reviews.

What meetinghand is doing differently?

Intelligence automation and gap-free process

Experience an effortless journey as you set up your events and effortlessly track the progress of your tasks within a streamlined workflow. No matter the number of issues or attendees you handle, our entire process is intricately designed from the perspective of an experienced academic conference planner, ensuring automation and a gap-free experience.

Fully customizable

Recognizing the uniqueness of every event and its potential unique requirements, MeetingHand empowers you to customize every touchpoint, providing your attendees with personalized journeys tailored to the distinct nature of your event.

Easy-to-use intuitive designs

Our primary distinction lies in simplicity. Everything operates within an intuitively designed interface, eliminating the need for extensive training. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer, our easy-to-use designs ensure a seamless experience for everyone.

Simplified; straightforward usage

Start saving your time and energy from the first touch point; create your account, build your event, and include your team within a few minutes. No need for a long negotiation and preparation time, you can update your event setup and workflow any time and any where.

Team collaboration at its core

You're never alone with MeetingHand. Include your team, partners, and our support team—all for free. Whether you seek friendly support, a better experience, deep knowledge, a powerful partnership, or simply to feel confident, we're here to meet all your needs.

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Latest customer stories

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Mary Grace Compañero-Lopez
Event Organizer - United Arab Emirates

“The software is a great support for us in terms of the most affordable software which is really a huge help to some companies who are just starting up. It is a pay per use software which is a very versatile system compared with others. This kind of feature will support the events we managed in different scales without ripping our budget.”

Mary Grace Compañero-Lopez

Event Organizer - United Arab Emirates

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