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Virtual & Hybrid – Delivered Simultaneously

Fully-featured virtual conference platform. For virtual, hybrid andin-person events

Deliver engaging virtual and hybrid events, regardless of where your audience attends - in-person or online. Our virtual conference platform provides the tools you need for audience engagement across all event formats.

MeetingHand Virtual Event Management
Highlight your speakers

Highlight Speakers and Presenters

Interactive virtual conference platform for memorable presenter and attendee engagement

Use our virtual conference platform to create engaging virtual events, webinars, meetings, conferences and more. Easily build interactive programs for memorable virtual attendee experiences. Seamlessly collect, manage and share speaker content to enable impactful presenter experiences.

  • Event Agendas
  • Presentation files
  • Chat
  • Attendee profiles
  • Polling and Q&A
  • Email reminders
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Hybrid Experience

Hybrid Experience

Manage presentations, speakers, and sponsors with confidence

Our virtual conference platform delivers robust hybrid event capabilities for event organizers. Spotlight your speakers, presenters and sponsors with specialized engagement features. Easily sell virtual booths, collect and showcase speaker/presenter content, and share materials with attendees.

  • Collect abstracts and presentations
  • Review submissions, make selections
  • Display speaker presentations
  • Virtual exhibitor booths

Create and manage seamless experiences – all in one place

All in one event

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

MeetingHand’s Virtual & Hybrid solution

It's time-consuming and difficult to manage both in-person and virtual components

Robust all-in-one platform with everything you need

Typically need to integrate hardware, software, and tools from multiple platforms

Intuitive and easy to manage - enable simultaneous sessions

Many virtual event platforms limit attendance size and engagement options

Seamless engagement - attendees can easily switch between sessions, booths and networking

Technology is often confusing for virtual speakers, exhibitors and attendees

Designed for seamless engagement. Attendees can easily switch between sessions, virtual booths & networking

Specifically optimized for conferences, speakers, presenters & exhibitors

All in one event

Start Planning Now!

Run virtual & hybrid events and conferences – stress free

We make running virtual, face to face and hybrid conferences smooth and seamless. Attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors alike enjoy robust engagement and networking opportunities.

  • Integrated live streaming
  • Concurrent mutli-track sessions and stages
  • Interactive virtual booths and
  • Breakout rooms and sessions
  • Exceptional virtual attendance experience
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Marketing & Event Branding

Event Promotion & Branding

Design to stand-out

Build excitement and drive registrations for your next virtual conference using our integrated promotion and marketing solutions. Easily customize registration forms, emails, and event pages to stand out. Reaching virtual audiences has never been easier. Create personalized event promotion campaigns that make your conference shine and drive registrations.


Fully Integrated Event Registration

Seamlessly sell event tickets & collect registrations for all event types

Our conference management software makes it quick and easy to sell tickets, register attendees, and track sales for any event - no external tools required. Fully integrated options enable flexible pricing, personalized registration, custom campaigns, and more.

Save your time and effort with just a few clicks and let MeetingHand do the work for you.

  • Personalized registration forms
  • Flexible pricing and ticketing
  • Custom promo campaigns and codes
  • Tool to track ticket sales
  • Manage access to virtual live streaming based on registration status

Secure Payment Processing/ Gateway Integration

Safe transactions to maximize your event ROI

Give attendees flexible payment options and safely collect your registration revenue in your account. Easily connect your gateways and enable secure payments with meetinghand event registration software. Only in a few clicks connect the most trusted global gateway stripe and strip connect. Include robust functionality like custom pricing, promo codes, discounts, refunds, tax calculation, invoices and more to secure event value.

Access user-friendly screens to monitor your revenue in real-time and optimize your financial workflow.

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Data Driven Event Management

Flexible Program & Speakers

Engaging conference program for virtual, hybrid and in-person conferences

Deliver memorable, informative, and trackable event program experiences to audiences across all formats with our virtual conference platform. No matter the complexity or number of speakers, easily create programs to captivate attendees at small meetings or national conferences.

Our virtual conference software makes program creation simple:

  • Calendar - Add multiple rooms, sessions, chairs, speakers, abstracts, breakouts, social events and more
  • Robust tools to organize, collaborate, and update speaker and session details
  • Engage virtual and in-person attendees with dynamic conference programs
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One Platform, Many Great Features

One Platform, Many Great Features!

All-in-one Virtual Conference Platform feature list

To make your life easier, we've gathered a whole bunch of cutting-edge solutions into one platform. Click to check the whole feature list

  • Reliable video powered by integrated VideoSDK
  • Support for 1,000+ attendees per session
  • Multi-track calendars with concurrent rooms
  • Backstage for speakers to upload content
  • Integrated chat, polling and Q&A features
  • Customizable virtual exhibit halls and sponsor profiles
  • Registration rules to gate, monetize access
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Easy switching between halls and sessions
  • Moderator controls and host assignments
  • Harmonized online and in-person journeys
  • Shared profiles and event activity visible across devices
  • Direct social media integrations