When there is a need to create a memorable event, it is clear that you need to pay attention on how to boost your participants' pleasure. According to recent studies, 60% of the event planners says that nowadays' participants want to have experiences. In addition, 'value' is more important than ever. It is almost necessary to present value for your attendees as well as speakers and your team.

However, when you want to impress your participants, it costs too much.

Not necessarily, actually. I will give you some tips to create value for your attendees while letting them live the experience the value by engaging with you and each other. If you implement some of the tips down below, you will be able to impress your participants at the least cost. 

Here are the 5 tips to amaze your attendees:

Learn more about "Bleisure" trend

The term "bleisure" is a new trend in business travel occasions. When attendees leave for a work-related occasion, they are expecting to have some leisure times to rest. You, as an event planner can combine your events' aura by giving them what they need and want at the same area as your event.

For example, you can organize city tours which they can book while registering to your event. So, you would help them to turn your event to a vacation by offering cultural trips among the city. Or a sunrise hike to reduce their stress and relax.

Give your attendees a place and time to relax.

I can understand that if you do not want to allocate your budget to overwhelming elements to upgrade your event. Also, you are not sure of the outcome from them or overall it may not applicable for your audience.

Well, offering some space could be applicable for many kinds of events and audiences. The best part is, it is possible to create it with minimum cost as a room in your event venue. You can put yoga mats with meditation music for them to relax or put books and chairs to read. You might even use the room yourself to have a break from stress a little bit. 

TIP: This is also a good way to get some help from sponsors or even better, get a brand new sponsorship for these. That way, this is going to be a win-win relationship for your sponsors, you and participants. 

Networking, networking and networking

Events are social gatherings where people with same interests meet together. One of the biggest reasons why people are participating to events is meeting with other professionals and building relationships with them to benefit for their organizations along with themselves. Networking is no longer just exchanging business cards. Participants want and need more than that.

Creating an environment where your participants can meet with each other and build professional relationships would be helpful. It is possible to be creative about it or you can choose from our suggestions in the following tips.

Add some entertainment to your congress

It can be something like a game to encourage attendees to interact with each other in a fun occasion. However, people often do not volunteer to get out of their comfort zone. In this case, their comfort zone is their acquaintances that are in your event. Since this is going to create an obstacle to create an efficient networking environment, I have a solution for you: Candy matchmaker!

Here is how it works: You put different colors of candies on the seats and at break or at dinner, people who have the same color of candy are going to gather and sit at the same tables and then you can go ahead. You can do a quiz or trivia or apply your event's theme to another game.

Allow your attendees to interact with each other

Encourage your attendees to share their thoughts with each other. A social wall you created online could be helpful, like the ones on Facebook, so that your attendees can write their thoughts and create a social place. You can think that as 'Facebook that is dedicated to your event'. If you can adopt that social wall to a mobile app, you would be created an excellent opportunity for your attendees for networking. You can use event management software to help you create that and achieve your goals.

How Could MeetingHand support event planners?

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