The venue has a strong impact on the success of any function. Finding the perfect conference venue can be challenging. That's why; we have compiled the results into the top 7 tips for choosing a perfect conference venue for you!

  1. Accessibility: Venue is the one of the most important key element for your conference. You should check the accessibility that participants can easily reach the location by automobile, plane, train or public transport.
  2. Budget: You should have a set budget before you begin negotiating with conference venues. It is important to understand all the details of what is included in the price you'll pay when you visit the venues. All-inclusive conference packages are easier to calculate and predictable while adjusting your budget. Be careful to choose cheaper places to avoid drowning in hidden costs after the meeting.
  3. Facilities and Technology: Make sure that the venue is able to hold all the technical equipment.If your event requires more than the standard data projectors, screens and white boards, ensure that the venue is able to hire specialized technical equipment for you.
  4. Staff: Imagine that; you have a problem with the sound equipment just before the start of the conference. You cannot reach the technical staff or they cannot fix the problem easily. After the 20 minutes, your participants were already bored and maybe they started to leave the hall. It will be a disaster for your conference. Be sure that venue has Professional stuff and ready to help when there is a technical problem.
  5. Capacity: The size and capacity of the rooms must be just right, being too small will create overcrowding. If the conference room that is too big for the number of participants will lose the concentration and sharing ideas.
  6. Food and Drinks: Good Food is Good Mood! Choose a venue known for providing fresh and healthy foods, so delegates are ready to work again revived again after the break. You should make sure that you are able to accommodate any food allergies and special diets.
  7. Parking: To investigate whether there are enough parking spaces for the number of participants. Some venues will be able to offer discounted rates to venue guests in local parking lots. You can also use Uber, i-Taxi etc and provide promotion code for your participants.