Virtual meetings have mainly become popular all over the globe since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world. Due to the quarantine periods, nearly all paid and or free events transformed into virtual ones. The event industry needed to keep going, and virtual solutions were the road to take. Thus, virtual meetings became more common in the industry, and they started to improve every other day. Not the first, but maybe the best innovation was the integration of registration into virtual meetings. Companies that conduct events and event management software started to integrate online registration solutions into paid and or free virtual events right away, as they all began to see how valuable and advantageous registration might be. But what are the advantages of registration-integrated virtual meetings?

The Main advantage of registration at a virtual meeting

To start with, the main advantage of registration at a virtual meeting is just like registration at a face-to-face one, which is getting the complete database of the attendees. The data collected from an event could be beneficial and sustainable, as the data can be used in upcoming events. Secondly, online registration solutions at virtual events make the management of your attendee list easier. Those solutions will centralize data management, which will help the interested parties. Moreover, online registration solutions will make it easy for attendees to access information about the event.

In contrast, it makes it easier for the organizers, as they will be able to track sales. Speaking of sales, another advantage of registration-integrated virtual meetings is the online payment processing options, such as Stripe, Paypal, and Braintree. Online payment processing options make checkout easy for interested parties. In addition, providing online payment processing options will make it unchallenging for the organizers. On the other hand, with the help of online registration solutions, organizers can send SMS and alerts to the guests and even offer them coupons, which everybody loves. Additionally, those solutions offer full-time zone support, ensuring guests from all time zones attend the event, regardless of location.

Furthermore, an impeccable online registration form is essential to making the most out of the
registration integration. Online registration forms make online attendance easy. Providing the interested attendees with the proper form will maximize attendance. Some event management software makes it possible for the organizers to customize online registration. The right software will improve the efficiency of the event while saving a lot of time and money. In addition, the right event management software will probably offer a better version of virtual event platforms, which will be the cherry on top.


To conclude, the integration of registration into virtual meetings offers many advantages, such as getting a complete database while making the experience easier for the interested parties, the management, and the attendees. Likewise, an online registration form can be beneficial to make the most of registration. However, it is impossible to execute a flawless event with just registration. Using the right event management software that offers customized online registration and full-time zone support is vital.