Do you often find yourself worrying about the possible outcomes and scenarios that can take place despite your maximum effort? It is in our nature to fear the unknown, hence we tend to lean to understand and foresee everything that can take place. Our pre-lived experiences even I they were unpleasant tend to be less stressful than the unknown, because we know the possible outcome already. Our brains are wired to think
“Familiar is safe, familiar is good".

A common reaction I receive to this topic is usually
“If I have so little control of the outcome, what difference does it make to try in the first place". However, this is not the case. Your preparation and work directly affect your confidence and ability to meet an issue.

In an industry such as event management, there is close to 0% chance that everything will go exactly according to plan without any hiccup. Somewhere along the way, something or someone will most certainly cause a problem. It doesn't necessarily have to be an issue caused by someone, it can be as simple as a speaker, a key staff member, a shuttle driver just falling sick. The important thing however is not the problem itself but our reaction to it and how quickly we are able to get back up from the fall. Just like in any other part of our life, failure and hiccups will occur no matter how hard we try and how clearly, we think through the process, but we learn from our experience, get up, shake off the dust and continue.

Event management is considered one of the most stressful jobs there is to occupy. Organizing, managing and directing a vast number of individuals and their requirements is a highly stressful task just by explaining it. Keeping a still and calm mind is essential for all aspects in this industry. Stress management and crisis management are two connected and essential skill sets to have here. Although not everything is preventable, if you know where the biggest issues can arise, you can always prepare upfront.

There are always endless possibilities of what can happen, so don't stress thinking about all of them. Proper preparation leads to confidence and a calm mind, which can solve anything. Have a team you can rely on, form protocols upfront and be sure your communication is fast and exact.