What is an online event management?

An online management system practically automates the organizing process and leaves lesser room for human error. So, an event management software is a generalized term used for a range of software products that can be used to create, develop and manage events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, athletic competitions, seminars, trade fairs, formal parties, concerts, conventions, and other such events.

An event management software, like MeetingHand Online Event Management Software for example, ensures you focus on those things that need your attention the most. A capable software would efficiently take care of, sending invites, registrations, sales, payment collection execute offers and equip you with all the details with just a few clicks on your smart device saving you the unnecessary hassle.

The solutions provided by an online event management software

Online event management software usually provides various solutions and make event planners' lives easier. When we look at the greater picture of event management, the biggest advantage of an event management software is to automate almost all of the event management process and allow a self-running system such as collecting registrations, bookings and payments or sending transactional emails automatically.

Here is a brief summary of solutions that an online event management software could provide for event planners;

Event Registration Management

  • You can create customizable registration forms and tickets for your events,
  • Add custom questions into your registration form with conditional logic,
  • Create registration verification codes for VIP or private participants,
  • Design and print event badges with a QR Code for each registration type and manage onsite online or self-check-in,
  • You can manage onsite event registrations,

Abstract Management in Academic Events

  • You can create customizable abstract submission forms in academic events, 
  • Provide participants and organizers an easy abstract content styling and editing environment,
  • Evaluate abstracts by using smart abstract evaluation process,
  • Easily create, manage and assign reviewers for abstracts and collect their evaluation results,

Onsite Management for Events

  • You can make QR code check-Ins by using event mobile app or integrate self-check-in kiosks,
  • Print your conference badges easily,
  • Manage onsite registrations,
  • View, edit & add bookings & payments,
  • Integrate third party self-check-in solutions, 

Payments & Financial Management in Events

  • You can integrate well-known payment gateways,
  • Collect and manage online payments,
  • Provide offline payment options,
  • Process onsite payments,
  • Use different currencies,
  • Provide proforma invoice or invoice to participants,

Event Bookings Management

  • You can offer free and paid event bookings to your participants,
  • Organize and offer workshops and social activities within your event,
  • Collect event sponsorships and manage booth sales,
  • Offer accommodation options by selling hotel rooms or organize daily tours for your participants,
  • Report real-time confirmed and pending bookings,

Event Reports

  • You can create customizable instant reports and receive timely information about your events,
  • Enjoy instant ready-to-use operational event reports,
  • Download and share reports in multiple formats,

Event Mobile App

  • Provide your participants a FREE event mobile app or use an admin app for yourself as an organizer,
  • If you organize many events, you can collect your events under a container app and use your own logo as your events app icon,
  • Easily update your event app content,
  • Send push notifications to your participants, 
  • Allow your participants an easy lead retrieval by using QR codes, 
  • Provide chat and social wall for your participants,
  • Use a built-In QR code scanner for check-ins,

Event Website Design

  • Create auto-generated free event websites, 
  • Customize your event website by using 'Drag & Drop feature,
  • Enjoy branded event marketing for sponsors and organizers,
  • Create event websites which are responsive on all type of devices,

Event Marketing & Engagement

  • Personalize your invitation and email contents,
  • Send automated reminders and notifications,
  • Apply discounts and access codes for your participants,
  • Apply period-based registration fees such as early birds or late and onsite, 
  • Enjoy customizable and triggered emails sent automatically by your event management software,

Every event planner wishes to own such a handy tool providing all these features listed above for planning hassle-free events. But, despite the fact that we have so many options in the market, it's really hard to say that, all these features were contained in a single service. Even if you find one, it's going to be an unaffordable expensive solution. That's why we invite event planners to join MeetingHand family. Because Meetinghand, as an all-in-one event management software, provides all these features listed above at an unbelievably low price. Besides, you can enjoy a free start-up period in MeetingHand. For details, please visit our main web page: meetinghand.com