Name badges are a vital part of your event where networking is a key part of the day's agenda and there isn't always time for a formal introduction. How many times have you met someone at an event only to forget their name minutes later and been too embarrassed to ask them, preventing you from being able to introduce them to someone else. Name badges provide a quick at-a-glance name recall, making it easy to remember someone's name and make acquaintances easily, also useful for group discussions and team building when people haven't had a chance to meet each other yet.

Why we use name badges?

In today's world people are cautious about strangers. A name badge is an instant introduction which tells a person who you are and where you work…so you're no longer a stranger. A name badge tells others that you're a professional.At a conference, mixer or other event with a large group of people, a name badge is much more professional then a sticky, and is much easier for others to read. And remember, wearing your logo is a form of branding. Another benefit is helping other people remember who they met. Hearing and seeing your name and company multiplies the chances others will remember you. So you can maximize your networking with a simple name badge.

The function of name badges

Name badges are really important at events where networking is a key part of the day's agenda. Name badges and a good quality lanyards are essential for at-a-glance name recall, making acquaintances easily, and in much faster time as there is less of a need for introductions. Of course, introductions are the polite way to meet people but sometimes, when there is a group brainstorming together or more than four or five people in conversation, it can be difficult to make sure everyone gets that formal greeting.In today's world name badges has also an augmented function which the info they carried could be stored or exchanged by means of mobil apps. In this case only a QR code or a barcode is enough to exchange necessary information. This recent technology also allows conference organizers or exhibitors to analyze participant behavior and their trafficking easily.

What info should a name badge carry?

Your name badge is not your business card on your chest but your name and company are a must. Your company may be in the form of a logo or as text only. If your logo is simple and easy to read, no additional text is necessary. Your name should be large and prominent. The choice of font should be a simple and easy to read. If you are using your name badge in a company booth at a conference, a title on your badge may also be a good option.

Things to remember when deciding on name badges

  • A name badge is an introduction and is rarely nothing more. If you want people to remember your name and company, make them stand out. And they won't stand out if they are lost among lots of small text getting in the way. People glance at a name badge, not read it like a book.Name badges are essential! You met Gary yesterday, but today you think he might be a Barry, Harry, Jerry or maybe Kerry. You will avoid saying his name at all costs… until you need to introduce him to a colleague.
  • Name badges don't work if they are facing the wrong way, make sure you invest in a decent no-twist lanyard to keep your identification facing out so people can see it.
  • If you prefer to use a badge fastener choose one that doesn't leave a hole in your delegates clothes! Magnetic fasteners are great for solving this problem.Use color coded name badge holders and lanyards to make it easy for your delegates to identify people they need to talk to, quickly and easily or to spot a facilitator. If there is just one company involved in the event but different branches, color code the branches.
  • If you are promoting your event as eco-friendly, use reusable badges and recycled lanyards. For multi day events, go for a sturdy name badge holder with heavier gauge vinyl. Many of these can still be recycled.
  • Keep printing large and clear. If you need more room on your badge to display event information such as agendas and maps you may find it a larger badge more suitable.
  • Make sure if you are supplying name badges they are ready and available as the first delegate arrives. A Badge carrying case is an excellent investment and makes organizing badges alphabetically or otherwise, much easier.

How an event management software can solve name badge problem?

Some event management software like MeetingHand, allow their users to design name badges both for participants and the staff. By enjoying this feature you may design your name badges in any size, in any color while adding necessary text and image you prefer with a QR Code as well. Your participants may download and print their name badges before arriving conference venue easily and save their time instead of waiting at a registration desk queue. On the other hand your staff can easily do the check-in process at the gates by using free MeetingHand Mobile App in their mobile phones.