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Desalination Academy

Collecting registrations, payments, giving out the discounts

Karen Zilinek, IDADESAL, USA

Desalination Academy

IDADESAL is the leading resource for information and professional development for the global desalination industry. As a non-profit organization, they plan annual events to create an environment in which they let their members to share their acknowledgements with each other. They were collecting their registrations manually via e-mail which is a time-consuming process. Them being decentralized was not making these processes any easier.

Before they meet with MeetingHand, they were not familiar with the online event management at all, automatization was a new concept for them. Their organization neither had an IT department nor an employee that knows coding. Last year, they even had a badge crisis in Dubai because they pre-printed all of the attendees’ badges in the US.

Originally, they were looking for an affordable option to solve their registration, on-badge printing and abstract collection and peer review processes. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic they had to postpone their annual event. So, they decided to take their annual academy courses virtually.

This seemed like an opportunity to call out for the international members to attend their courses in the comfort of their home with one click which meant the expected attendee volume is increased. However, this also meant even more overwhelming registration process for them. To collect the payments and attendee information, they needed more time and staff.

So, they needed a software as easy-to-use as possible to cope with that change. A colleague referred them MeetingHand for their registration needs. So, they contacted with us. Due to MeetingHand’s easy-to-use and no-need-for-coding-knowledge structure, they successfully created their courses.

Workshop Module

They used Workshop Module to set their courses; put the speaker information, time and date in the description section. Opened the registration process for the attendees.

Incoming Payment Module

Discount Codes: They were offering those courses for free to the members and charge non-members for each course. To be able to offer that discount, they set a discount code for a 100% discount using Incoming Payment Module. Then, they sent out that code to their members and gave them their privilege.
Payment Gateway: For the rest of the attendees, they needed to collect their payments. So, they easily set a payment gateway to collect the registration fee automatically.

Report Module

They sorted the people who registered as member or non-member and cross-checked their reports weekly thanks to MeetingHand’s report flexible module and quota status.

Along the way, they encountered some with some paths where they needed to take help from MeetingHand’s support line. We were always here to help them and answer their questions. Each time, they got helpful tips and responses; took short demos when necessary to keep their courses going successfully. When they were done with all of their courses, they were pleased to use MeetingHand’s services.

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